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What to expect from the virtual and physical 2021 Fashion Without Borders

The 2021 Fashion Without Borders (FWB) will be held virtually and physically at the Hilton Hotel Sandton in Johannesburg from 23 to 26 March. This year's event is set to showcase 15 designers and 30 models from around the continent, ranging from new talent to emerging and established names.

Physical space and digital technologies

The 2021 theme is 'phygital culture'; creating a space for a fusion of cultures expressed digitally. 

On 25 and 26 March, FWB 2021 plans to roll out an entirely digital ‘cultural fashion platform’ for designers to use as they see fit. Countries like Shanghai and Moscow went digital for their fashion weeks in late March and April 2020 including FWB Botswana 2020 which held a physical and digital event in October, which was themed “phygital experience” (that’s physical space and digital technologies).

This year, FWB is set to have yet another exciting experience in store for fashion lovers. This fashion show will highlight how current fashion trends are predicted by moods, behaviour and buying habits of a consumer at a particular time, and to cope with ever-changing technologies, markets and consumers are rapidly evolving from following traditional, static and demography-based criteria towards more dynamic, modern, lifestyle and psychographic influences.

The event, which will be hosted over two days of creativity, ingenuity and self-expression, bringing together 15 designers and 30 models from the African continent, ranging from new talent to emerging and established names, including Bontle Modise from VIWA-South Africa and Comfort Seditsi as well as Chosen Designs from Botswana, Nivaldo Thierry from Mozambique. The fashion designers will take centre stage to showcase their interpretation of fashion design in the African continent to raise awareness about local fashion consumption amidst the Covid-19 era.

Stalls, workshops and shows

The event will also include pop-up stalls, a fashion unpacked workshop and a fashion show to be enjoyed by the public, with an opportunity to interact with both local and Southern African Development Community (SADC) region designers. Access to industry knowledge, education in skills like leadership/management, entrepreneurship and supply chain mentorship are key focus areas that the knowledgeable Industry speakers will touch on. FWB understands the mandate to provide the women and youth with skills that will allow them to contribute meaningfully to socio and economic development as well as lay foundations in efforts to promote gender-balanced programmes using fashion in this regard. The third edition of the fashion unpacked masterclass will be graced by speakers such as Thula Sindi (SA), Bujy Bikwa – media personality (SA), Monte OZ - international media personality (Ghana) and Andiswa Manxiwa - international model (SA).

Tickets are available on request. 



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