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US-based digital distribution service enters the African market

San Francisco-based Spinlet is entering the African market and will focus on promoting music as the catalyst for positive social engineering. The company will assist artists and musicians to capture revenue streams often lost to piracy markets and has recently set up in Lagos, Nigeria.
The company has hired a local team to assist in the launch of the new Spinlet service set to release this November. It began exploring African markets after noticing gaps in distribution of media content in Africa and its move to fill this void was made to revolutionise the distribution and purchasing behaviour in the booming African markets.

Generate economic growth, create jobs

Spinlet will work together with labels, artists and musicians to produce world-class music that can be marketed and sold throughout Africa and in international markets. There are already first-rate recording studios. "Through digital distribution and artist development we can help to generate economic growth, create jobs in the entertainment industries and help raise international awareness of African artists' increasing live performance and publishing revenue," said Spinlet's Mark Redguard.

The company will focus on helping artists to connect with and expand their fan bases through film and TV soundtrack placement, multinational endorsements and commercial opportunities. "The domestic market is huge and can sustain artists singing in regional languages and experimenting with indigenous styles," said Redgard. "We want to encourage the youths of Africa to continue to make and market their music and see that they are adequately compensated for it. They deserve commercial success just as anyone else would."

No discrimination against any artists

Artists and record labels can join the Spinlet service and begin selling their music immediately upon launch of the service by contacting a Spinlet representative or submitting their music through an online process. Spinlet does not discriminate against any artists and encourages all rights holders to submit their music or contact Spinlet as soon as possible to begin the process of joining the global brand.

Spinlet recently entered into a strategic alliance with top African record label and entertainment company Storm 360 featuring some of the biggest artist names in Africa. With this partnership, Spinlet's technology and service will provide Storm 360 with their new digital music label Storm Digital, an exclusive platform to sell and promote their content.

Join the Spinlet team at its launch party this Friday at Hush nightclub in Rosebank, where they will host the South African/Lagos Showdown featuring top South African and Nigerian acts including Tbo Touch, Jozi, Widkid, Naeto C, and WizKid.

You can learn more about Spinlet at or Facebook at


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