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#DesignIndaba2019: Conference kicks off with NM type feat Andile Vellem

The first speakers for the day consisted of a collaboration between NM type (a collaborative type foundry between typeface designers Noel Pretorius and María Ramos) and performance artist Andile Vellem.
Typeface designers María Ramos and Noel Pretorius.
Typeface designers María Ramos and Noel Pretorius.

Together, Pretorius and Ramos created their first retail typeface, Kinetic. They wanted to create a typeface that is light and organic, with a geometric aspect.

The designers say there are many design details in the kinetic design, from the ‘A’ ‘e’ and ‘H’ created with a more open, softened and rounded look and the italics option consisting of letters that can be made with a single stroke, where possible.

Right after the release of the Kinetic typeface, Jägermeister chose it as their new typeface. Some of the design is even based on the product, e.g. the ‘U’ is inspired by the shape of the Jägermeister bottle. The brand went on to use the typeface in their print, OOH and website material.

Greatly influenced and inspired by movement and music, the creative duo says,

Just as musicians play with sounds, we as designers, play with space.
Cue Andile Vellem, a deaf South African performance artist – who took to the stage to perform a moving dance item using elements of the kinetic typeface:

NM type uses Vellem’s movements through dance to create flow and movement in typeface in a unique and beautiful way, proving that just as dance connects with an audience, a typeface does precisely the same.

“It doesn’t matter how you use it, type is always there, connecting with the audience,” says NM type.

NM type ended off by offering the Kinetic typeface free for download, and Design Indaba is offering an award for producing something creative with it!

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