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Unlimited opportunities at franchise expo and business week

Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo (FBOE) 2006 takes place at Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg, 7 - 11 September 2006, and is aimed at entrepreneurs with a desire to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. Adding impetus to FBOE 2006, ProSeed, the organisers of the Cape Town Small Business Week, has teamed up with Thebe Exhibitions to create the Jo'burg Business Week.
FBOE is an annual exhibition attracting a broad spectrum of visitors with investment potential ranging from under R50 000 to R500 000 and more. Jo'burg Business Week focuses on unifying business development initiatives in the City of Johannesburg to create an all-encompassing event focused on SMME support. It includes a comprehensive Business Skills Conference that will provide direct skills training and workshop opportunities for over 700 delegates.

Jo'burg Business Week will further facilitate direct SME access to business opportunities, including access to finance (financial institutions), market access (government, parastatal, and private) and capacity building (business development service providers).

Enthuses Clair Bowman, project manager of Thebe Exhibitions, "FBOE is an incredibly exciting expo to exhibit at and to attend. If you can conceive of it, you can buy into the franchise at FBOE. It really is the definitive platform for those seeking and selling franchise and business opportunities."

Launched 13 years ago

Since Thebe Exhibitions first launched the expo 13 years ago, the employment and franchising landscapes have changed dramatically in South Africa. Of key significance is the fact that the official unemployment rate, as issued by Statistics SA, rose from 20% in 1994 to 26.7% in September 2005. On a more positive note, from a franchising perspective, a great many more opportunities are available now in 2006 at a much lower cost of entry than in the early '90s.

Bowman comments, "It is clear that franchising has evolved from being the domain of a few big organisations, commanding massive franchise investments, into an arena that is brimful of opportunities for anyone with a dream and a small nest egg or the ability to secure finance. It goes without saying that given our high unemployment rate, this has tremendously positive ramifications for job creation and employment opportunities for South Africans in general."

FBOE 2006 will reveal to visitors well-established and new franchise opportunities, with long-term prospects and earning potential that belies their low franchise costs.

Diverse range of opportunities

Entrepreneurs will also have a diverse range of opportunities to choose from, and for some, the ability to hand-pick those opportunities in the sectors that they are already skilled in is significantly appealing. This makes the leap from the employed to the employer much easier as you can select a franchise or business opportunity in the sector that you are most familiar with and experienced in.

Sectors that will be showcased at FBOE 2006 range from food, refreshments, beauty and cosmetics to catering, cleaning, gardening and landscaping, vending, retail, and many more.

As appealing as the idea of self employment may be, the reality is that not everyone can afford to quit their job and take the plunge without a safety net. For entrepreneurs who fall into that category, FBOE presents opportunities to meet exhibitors that can enable entrepreneurs to start slowly, perhaps working evenings and weekends building up sufficient clientele before quitting their job.

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