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The wood burning oven alternative

Although the City of Cape Town has developed a plan to spare the city from Eskom's Stage 1 load shedding, it's still a good idea to have a backup when the lights go out.
The wood burning oven alternativeLocal resident, Darin Sacker has come up with the perfect solution. He has developed a wood burning oven with a heat-efficient design that will allow you to cook a range of dishes, from pizza to roasts and casseroles. You can even use it to bake cakes and grill fish.

Unlike a traditional wood cooker, Sacker's ovens are designed to retain and store the heat, so it is not necessary to have a fire burning at all times. The high-quality refractory cement and firebricks retain the heat for slow cooking stews, long after the intense heat needed for pizza has abated.

Although cooking pizzas is just one of the uses for the wood cooker, Sacker's company, Woody Woodcooker, is well known for its pizza parties, for adults or children.
"I enjoy the challenge of catering for 21sts or other big parties," he says. "We've had as many as 200 guests enjoying a constant stream of fresh, hot pizza from the mobile oven."

"Our wood cookers can be found in homes and restaurants in South Africa, Zanzibar and the Seychelles," he says. "Some of our clients are bakers, and others are start-ups or established catering businesses."

The glowing fire and woody flavours create a unique atmosphere for entertaining guests, when electricity is expensive or during load shedding hours.

For more information go to Woody Woodcooker

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