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Unpacking shopper behaviour

Over the past 18 months, the Ehrenburg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia developed knowledge of the shopper behaviour space. As a guest of NAB (the Newspaper Advertising Bureau) and Caxton CTP, Dr Carl Driesener, senior research associate has shared these results with South African audiences.
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These include how consumers shop; the most beneficial store formats and layout and online versus in-store shopping behaviour. The presentation will appeal to marketers and retailers who want to understand better, how consumers plan their shopping trips, how they behave in-store and online and how, and when, they make their final purchasing decisions.

Many of the world's leading corporations including Coca-Cola, Kraft, Kellogg's and Procter & Gamble use and financially support the institute's fundamental research.

"The findings presented by Driesener mirror and substantiate our recent ROOTS 2013 findings," says NAB's Joint MD Gill Randall. "We have certainly discovered the same consumer behaviour patterns and thought processes here in South Africa. It has been a great pleasure to host Driesener and enable him to share these valuable insights with our clients."

Presentation highlights include:

  • Consumers have busy lives and want to get on with their shopping
  • They don't care about brands
  • Shoppers have a repertoire of stores
  • Most of shopper's time in store is spent navigating rather than purchasing
  • 50% of shoppers spend 18 minutes or less in store (FMCG products)
The presentation can be downloaded here.
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