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Talk Radio 702 facilitates meetings to discuss paramedic security

Talk Radio 702 has successfully facilitated discussions to ensure the safety of paramedics in Gauteng.
This follows the recent attack and rape of a paramedic in Roodepoort on the night of 6 March 2010. The paramedics were responding to a call in Durban Deep to help a toddler who had been burnt when they were attacked.

After the incident, Talk Radio 702 was inundated with calls from listeners reacting in horror. The radio station also received calls from paramedics who said that they often feared for their lives when on duty.

As a result, Talk Radio 702 facilitated two meetings between the various role players including the South Africa Police Services, the Gauteng Emergency Services, Netcare 911, ER 24, the Johannesburg Metro Police, the Ekhurhuleni Metro Police and the Tshwane Metro Police.

If you know who committed this terrible crime, report them

Issues of safety relating to paramedics were discussed as well as the protection of paramedics. There was also discussion on the way forward relating to matters of communication between the various role players.

Talk Radio 702 station manager Pheladi Gwangwa said, "I am delighted that 702 was able to facilitate the meeting and thank you to all for their constructive participation."

The first meeting took place at SAPS' Provincial Headquarters on Friday 12th March and the second meeting was head at the 10111 Control Centre in Midrand on Monday 15 March.

"Out of adversity and tragic situations, we try as a radio station to look at where we can make a difference in the future. Hopefully the discussion we facilitated will have long-term benefits in ensuring the safety of our paramedics," said Gwangwa

Crimeline head Yusuf Abramjee also welcomed the discussions saying, "I was very impressed by the positive attitude by all at the constructive discussions. I also appeal to those who know the perpetrators to blow the whistle by reporting them to Crimeline by SMSsing on 32211, it's the right thing to do."
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