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Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

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    Winning design inspired by hot summer afternoons

    Rory Allan from Ripe Design has won the 2008 Art Vespa competition with his ice cream design and will soon be zipping through the city on his deliciously personalised Vespa LX.
    Winning design by Rory Allan
    Winning design by Rory Allan

    Allan submitted more than one design, but it was his striking Ice Cream creation that caught the eye of Francesco Maffe, international designer for Piaggio Italy, and judge of Art Vespa. The design took him three hours to complete.

    When asked what motivated him to enter, Allan replied “Our creative director presented the competition to all the creatives at Ripe Design and urged us to enter. It's an out of the ordinary canvas for designers that got my creative juices flowing almost immediately.”

    The inspiration for his design was South Africa's hot summer afternoons. “I sat down and thought of why it's great to own a Vespa. The first thing that popped into my mind was the wind blowing through your hair on a sweltering afternoon. Almost as refreshing as an ice cream.”

    To Allan, Vespa is synonymous with carefree living, summer holidays and good times with those who are important in your life. “It symbolises a laid-back lifestyle, where life is about more than work. It's about experiencing and being part of the world. And ice cream of course.”

    A record number of 252 entries were received for the 2008 competition, a 40% increase from last year. Watch out for the 2009 competition later this year. You too could become part of the la dolce vita lifestyle and scoot around on your own Art Vespa in the near future.

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