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#BestofBiz 2018: Legal

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18 Dec 2018

Why South African community's win against mining company matters

A South African High Court has passed an important judgment putting a stop to the pervasive practice by companies to mine ancestral lands...

By Sonwabile Mnwana 14 Dec 2018

Property professionals anxious as FIC Amendment Act compliance deadline approaches

Estate agents are becoming anxious as the compliance deadline for the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Amendment Act is fast approaching...

13 Dec 2018

Parliament sets up ad hoc committee to draft land expropriation bill

The National Assembly has decided to adopt a proposal that will see Parliament setting up an ad hoc committee to lead a process of drafting a bill that will allow for Section 25 of the Constitution to be amended...

7 Dec 2018

When can a landlord evict law-abiding tenants to renovate?

When can a landlord evict law-abiding tenants in order to effect refurbishments?

By Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti 5 Dec 2018

National Assembly gives land expropriation report green light

After a debate that lasted for over 70 minutes, a majority of the Members of Parliament in the National Assembly have voted in favour of the adoption of a report of the Constitutional Review Committee on the review of Section 25 of the Constitution...

5 Dec 2018

Unisa-Sowetan Dialogues kicks off with discussion around land debate

Late last month, Unisa's Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL), in partnership with Unisa and The Sowetan, launched the first of the Unisa-Sowetan Dialogues...

4 Dec 2018

Promise of right to housing remains elusive in democratic South Africa

South Africa's Constitution protects everyone's right to access adequate housing...

By Soraya Beukes 27 Nov 2018

Government and companies must obtain "full and informed" consent from communities before granting mining rights, says judge

The DMR has to obtain "full and informed" consent from communities under customary law before granting mining rights to companies...

By Zoe Postman 23 Nov 2018

South African court resets power balance between villagers, mines and chiefs

South Africa's Constitutional Court recently passed an important judgement that's fundamentally challenged the power imbalance between mining companies and local communities in rural parts of the country...

By Sonwabile Mnwana 20 Nov 2018

Why giving South Africans title deeds isn't the panacea for land reform

The land reform debate in South Africa has become increasingly polarised...

By Simon Hull 16 Nov 2018

Court stops Bo-Kaap residents from interfering with tower block construction

The Western Cape High Court has granted an interim interdict to the developers of a controversial 12-storey apartment block in the Bo-Kaap...

By Kelly Vinett 14 Nov 2018

Namibia's long-standing land issue remains unresolved

Thirty years of German settler colonialism in South West Africa - from 1884 to 1914 - paved the way for continued apartheid under South Africa...

By Henning Melber 13 Nov 2018

Land reform an economic necessity, says Ramaphosa

Land reform is not only about correcting a grave historical injustice, it is an absolute economic necessity, says President Cyril Ramaphosa...

5 Nov 2018

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