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Digital signature on an Offer to Purchase - is it legally valid?

Electronic signatures have been a relevant and current topic of conversation, with the legal stance on the validity of such signatures within the context of property sale agreements being clear up until recently...

By Leigh-Anne Kriel 12 Jan 2021

Court judgment provides clarity on land claim evaluation process

In a Land Claims Court judgment on 19 October 2020, Judge Spilg established a precedent for evaluating land claims that places the onus on the Land Claims Commission to ensure that the land intended to be described on the land claim form, and not what was written, is the claim that is investigated...

By Samantha Robb 17 Dec 2020

#BestofBiz 2020: Legal

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2020 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views. Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's Legal site over the past year below...

14 Dec 2020

What the rise of short-term rentals means for landlords and tenants

As the short-term rental market begins to pick up, landlords and tenants alike must take steps to protect themselves while the effects of Covid-19 and an unstable economy continue to disrupt the industry...

9 Dec 2020

Board committees in property associations - the legal side of social, ethics committees

The duties of directors of property development-related associations have at times been an uncertain area of law...

By Francois Schoeman 7 Dec 2020

Judges in shack demolition case fail to reach agreement

Matter to be reheard by three judges of the Western Cape High Court...

By James Stent 4 Dec 2020

Cabinet approves Land Donations Policy for implementation

Cabinet has approved the Land Donations Policy, which aims to accelerate land donations as one of the ways to respond to the slow pace of land reform...

4 Dec 2020

Land tenure rights bill moves to NCOP

The National Assembly has passed the Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights Amendment (Ultra) Bill...

2 Dec 2020

Challenges of 'building-on', remote working in ST schemes

Covid-19 has accelerated a new normal in which more employers are allowing their employees to work from home, and this trend is likely to continue beyond the current Covid-19 crisis...

27 Nov 2020

Reserve Fund compliance now urgent for ST schemes

Sectional title schemes that are not yet compliant with the reserve fund provisions of the Community Housing Schemes Ombud Services (CSOS) Act should rectify that position as soon as possible...

By Andrew Schaefer 26 Nov 2020

Battle for land ends after 22 years

A 22-year land battle by a small community in the Eastern Cape has come to an end with a decision by the Constitutional Court.

By Ashraf Hendricks 25 Nov 2020

Judge in Woodstock eviction case concerned about 'spatial apartheid'

Judgment has been reserved in the case brought by long-standing tenants facing eviction from their Bromwell Street homes in Woodstock, Cape Town...

By James Stent 19 Nov 2020

Court grants eviction order against housing hijackers

The Cape High Court has granted social housing company Communicare an eviction order to remove people who have been illegally occupying units in its Albatros rental complex in Thornton for over a year...

By Marecia Damons 13 Nov 2020

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