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Fastvan Last Mile delivery platform solves complex vehicle routing problems, ETA's, manage failed - Re-attempted and returns

Efficient fulfilment operations are essential in providing quick deliveries. Pencil pushing, white board for order taking and the usual phone calls to the drivers are methods of the past...

Issued by Fastvan 20 Aug 2020

Review of nine African 'blue economy' projects shows what works and what doesn't

Africa has 38 coastal countries and six islands whose maritime industry is estimated to be worth $1trn per year. This figure will increase as they develop their offshore hydrocarbon, energy, tourism, maritime transport, shipping and fishing sectors...

By Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood 12 Aug 2020

FedEx extends international dangerous goods shipping service to SA

The extension of the service, originally launched in September 2019, means that FedEx now provides an express, door-to-door, customs-cleared service from more than 60 DGcompliant countries to South Africa...

5 Aug 2020

Unpacking SA's new Border Management Authority Act

Up until now, South Africa's border management, which includes the tasks of securing the country's borders and protecting its national interests, has been managed by multiple organs of state. This changed on 21 July 2020, however, as the Border Management Authority Act came into force...

By Virusha Subban and Prenisha Govender 4 Aug 2020

Border Management Authority Bill signed into law

President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed the Border Management Authority Bill of 2020 into law...

22 Jul 2020

Mpact expands face shield range - adults, kids, hardhat shields and respiratory masks

The safety of our communities is a top priority for us at Mpact. We have further expanded our face shield range and will be launching a respiratory mask during the course of June; ready for the re-opening of the many industries under Level 3 lockdown...

Issued by Mpact Plastics 29 May 2020

E-commerce surge, contactless deliveries throws lifeline to courier industry

In just over a week, the lift of the e-commerce ban by Minister Patel has delivered a potentially life-saving 'U-turn' to the future of several South African industries, most particularly online retail, and the courier, logistics and freight forwarding industry...

25 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Navigating the new frontier of trade

Dr Greg Cline, head of corporate accounts at Investec for your Business, shares how Covid-19 has impacted the trade industry during these unusual times...

By Robin Fredericks 20 May 2020

Unchartered water of Covid-19 quarantine: What's next for seafarers after repatriation?

Although the issue of responsibility of repatriation has been largely settled, a serious debate has been sparked on whether ship owners are liable to pay for the necessary quarantine costs in the home state of repatriated seafarers...

By Chevanev Charles and Derrick Okadia 6 May 2020

Current position on the movement of goods in South Africa

The nationwide statutory lockdown in South Africa has resulted in uncertainty in the transport industry relating to the movement of goods from ports of entry. In addition, it has added to supply chain and foreign investment challenges in South Africa, especially at the country's ports of entry...

By Prenisha Govender and Virusha Subban 28 Apr 2020

Mitigating Covid-19 risks on the transport, logistics industry

In the face of decline in international commerce across industries and a stunted global supply chain, what measures should transport and logistics companies put in place to mitigate the complex and ever-changing obstacles this national disaster presents?

16 Apr 2020

The Bizcommunity: Not taking lockdown lying down

In true South African spirit, even in times of adversity, daily stories of generosity and ingenuity abound. Never have we been more proud of how business communities are using our publishing platforms than since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus...

Issued by 6 Apr 2020

Africa is the land of logistics opportunity

Start-ups are booming, and the ever-resourceful and forward-looking African people are constantly finding new and technological solutions to overcome their numerous challenges...

By Tobias Maier 31 Mar 2020

Covid-19: Passenger liner under investigation in Cape Town

The Transnet National Ports Authority has confirmed that two vessels in the Port of Cape Town are being held off port limits after a crew member on board one of the vessels began to exhibit symptoms of Covid-19...

18 Mar 2020

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