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African Pioneer Marine acquires canned pilchards brand Glenryck

The Glenryck brand joins the 100% black-owned Pioneer Fishing, under the umbrella of African Pioneer Marine...

18 Sep 2020

Review of nine African 'blue economy' projects shows what works and what doesn't

Africa has 38 coastal countries and six islands whose maritime industry is estimated to be worth $1trn per year. This figure will increase as they develop their offshore hydrocarbon, energy, tourism, maritime transport, shipping and fishing sectors...

By Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood 12 Aug 2020

Government hopeful to issue 15-year rights to small-scale fishers

Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Minister, Barbara Creecy, says she is hopeful that the department will issue 15-year fishing rights to small-scale fishers in the Western Cape...

27 Jul 2020

Local documentary Gutted receiving global recognition

Gutted, an online Greenpeace Africa documentary about the struggles of the Kalk Bay fishing community in Cape Town, has been selected for the Kaduna International Film Festival in Nigeria...

22 Jul 2020

Positive weather conditions help lift agriculture GDP output

The latest GDP update from Statistics South Africa shows an impressive rebound in agriculture forestry and fishing industry sector fortunes for the first quarter of 2020...

By Paul Makube 1 Jul 2020

Protest in Hout Bay over payment for lobster rights

Local communities hit by collapse of global lobster trade...

24 Jun 2020

More than a third of fish stocks are being overfished

More than a third of the fish stocks around the world are being overfished and the problem is particularly acute in developing countries, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization stated.

15 Jun 2020

How a global ocean treaty could protect biodiversity in the high seas

Oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface. But, because many of us spend most of our lives on land, the 362 million square kilometres of blue out there isn't always top of mind...

By Jennifer Silver, Leslie Acton, Lisa Campbell, Noella Gray 5 Jun 2020

Food parcels to be distributed to small-scale, interim relief fishers

Distressed small-scale and interim relief fishers across the country will receive some reprieve as the Environment, Forestry and Fisheries Department in partnership with FishSA are set to distribute 10, 000 food parcels...

4 May 2020

6 Chinese fishing trawlers fined for entering SA waters

Six Chinese fishing trawlers were detained and issued with fines in April, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries announced late last week...

29 Apr 2020

Why marine protected areas are often not where they should be

Biodiversity is often highest in places with human activity. The fishing industry has shown we can often have it both ways: maintain important livelihoods while protecting precious marine life...

25 Mar 2020

Breaking the cycle of the illegally sold tuna market

Boasting one of the world's most productive tuna fisheries in the world, up to 25 000 kilograms of recreationally caught tuna is illegally sold into the Western Cape market annually...

27 Nov 2019

Ensuring fishers' safety while managing aquatic resources

"Every hour four fishers die doing their job - not just men, women too. Human rights violations and unacceptable practices at different stages of the value chain are increasing in fisheries and aquaculture."

22 Nov 2019

EU targets fragile West African fish stocks, despite protection laws

The EU continues to enter into fresh agreements with countries, despite evidence of serious population declines in the species of interest...

By Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood 6 Nov 2019

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