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Youth Month Content Feature

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#YouthMonth: Wonder's Clementine Mojapelo on using creativity to solve real-life problems

In honour of Youth Month we shine a spotlight on Wonder's Clementine Mojapelo, an award-winning project lead and top graduate from Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. With over eight years of experience in the industry, Mojapelo has driven creative campaigns across finance, FMCG, and retail sectors, both B2C and B2B.

Her focus isn't just on delivering results but also on creating meaningful impact in people's lives. 

Clementine Mojapelo is the senior project lead at Wonder. Source: Supplied
Clementine Mojapelo is the senior project lead at Wonder. Source: Supplied

Can you tell us about your journey into the marketing and advertising industry? What inspired you to pursue this career path?

You will not believe this, but I started out wanting to go into journalism. Luckily, my first year at Boston allowed me exposure to different electives in the media/communications industry, and it wasn’t until I sat in the advertising class, that I realised this would be it for me. The biggest inspiration for me was seeing how the industry used creativity for not only storytelling but solving real-life problems and changing lives.

A big shout out to the Red and Yellow Springboard Learnership that launched me into the industry.

As someone skilled in advertising and project management, what aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling?

Collaborating with and learning from some brilliant minds! For a campaign to come to life, a mixed bag of thinkers is required. From the methodical strategists to the genius creatives, to the production teams that can literally bring anything to life! Seriously how do you guys do that? Not forgetting our ever-so-connected media teams! My role allows me access and a small peep into their brains and worlds, and I can never tell you enough how exciting that is for me. Once it’s all said and done though, nothing beats the grin on a satisfied client’s face.

What does a senior project lead do at Wonder?

My Boss, Gareth McPherson aka Papa G, (I don’t think he knows we call him that) always tells clients that I am the real boss here and I think it’s gone to my head now! Lol! To take a step back before answering this, I am so fortunate to be working in an environment that is intentional about doing purpose-led work. We get to work with like-minded clients who are set on making a difference in people’s lives in their respective industries.

My role at Wonder is split into two parts i.e. business lead & project lead. Firstly, business focusing on profitability and resource management, and then leading projects is focused on collaborating with the above-mentioned clients and bringing some awesome campaigns/work to life. The details look different for each brief. 

What advice would you give to young people interested in starting a career in marketing and advertising?

Put yourself out there. It doesn’t stop with obtaining the qualification. If you’re starting out, you obviously don’t have experience yet so being proactive will set you apart from your peers!

Research the agencies you would like to work for and introduce yourself to their talent people or department leads. Don’t sit and wait for opportunities, go out there, and knock on every door.

Relationships are key! Nurture them. You’ll often hear people commenting on how small the advertising industry is, and you’ll soon find out it really is.

I think most people will agree that, by the time you’re in your second or third job, you will have probably met or worked with people who will be key for your future roles. It might be a referral, or it might be someone who left to go start their own agency and remembered your work ethic. (Also, how I joined Wonder, shoutout to Helen Ludwig & Muzi Mthombeni!!).

It’s also not always the people you work with directly, but someone could be observing from afar! So be respectful always and strive to do your best on every project no matter how small.

 Where do you see yourself in ten years? 

I’ve always wanted to go international at some point in my career. In ten years, I see myself working and living in a different country. God nudge nudge … wink wink. Lastly shoutout to my mom, Refiloe Mojapelo. The real MVP.

About Karabo Ledwaba

Karabo Ledwaba is a Marketing and Media Editor at Bizcommunity and award-winning journalist. Before joining the publication she worked at Sowetan as a content producer and reporter. She was also responsible for the leadership page at SMag, Sowetan's lifestyle magazine. Contact her at

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