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Watch: Magna Carta educates Africans about Covid-19 through animation

Reputation management consultancy, Magna Carta, is using animation to educate people on the symptoms of the novel coronavirus and encourage them to practice physical distancing to curb the spread of the virus. The animated short video will be translated into 20 commonly spoken African languages and will also be available for anyone outside of Africa to translate it to a language of their choice for distribution to the communities outside of the continent.
The video includes education around washing hands, cutting non-essential travel, avoiding or cancelling large-scale public gatherings, physical distancing and remote working and is ideal for social media sharing.
Watch the video below:

“When the outbreak was limited to China, everyone was disconnected. But now that it is here, there is an overflow of information however most of it is in English. Africa is a continent with high linguistic diversity, and we wanted to make the lifesaving information more accessible in a language of choice,” Magna Carta managing director Moliehi Molekoa says.

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