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Watch: Cut Media creates "Rituals" campaign for Real Madrid
This campaign film made by Cut Media for Real Madrid celebrates the time-honoured and precious rituals shared by the Real Madrid family. The film was shot in Madrid and showcases the pre-match rituals practised by Real Madrid players, club staff, fans and devotees.
2 Mar 2020 14:54
Accelerate releases 2nd short film from its 2019 filmmaker project
Accelerate TV has released the second film from its 2019 filmmaker project. The project – titled Black Monday – was written and directed by Adetola Films. The film focuses on the effects of stigmatisation in the society as it tells a story of a young man, Abiodun, who returns from prison to face stigmatisation from the members of his community.
10 Dec 2019 11:20
See Aston Martin's first-ever SUV
Award-winning filmmaker Daisy Zhou shot a film to mark the launch of Aston Martin’s newest model and first-ever SUV: the Aston Martin DBX. The film, which was creatively devised by Prism and produced by Great Guns, explores light, dynamism, and emotion. Zhou drew inspiration from his childhood memories to express the innate qualities of a particular time and place. Brief moments of contemporary dance, giant figures emerging from the ground, and a group of people sprinting across a field at dusk can be seen in the video....
21 Nov 2019 13:47
What does it mean to be a woman in South Africa today? Asks Womanhood
Vice and 1st for Women Insurance recently paired up and asked South African women: What does it mean to be a woman in South Africa today? The result is a film, which highlights the complexities of South African women beyond our statistics and challenges. The film also highlights a range of issues – from freedom, barriers and body to motherhood, identity, pain and the future. The film is accompanied by imagery on social media platforms – which feature intricate and intimate stories from some of the women featured in the campaign. The film – created by Virtue, the creative agency by Vice – marks the launch of a wider campaign – which aims to showcase a number of stories from South African women....
15 Oct 2019 14:46
Triggerfish's Zog is up for an International Emmy
Zog – which was animated by Triggerfish for the UK’s Magic Light Pictures – has been nominated for Best Kids’ Animation at the 2019 International Emmy Awards. Co-directed by two-time Oscar nominee Max Lang (The Gruffalo and Room On The Broom) and multi-award-winning South African Daniel Snaddon (Stick Man), Zog is competing against...
15 Oct 2019 10:54
Serviceplan Health France highlights the severity of depression in new campaign
In collaboration with Fondation Fondamental and Fnapsy (Fédération Nationale des Associations d’usagers en Psychiatrie), Serviceplan Health France launched a new campaign – which is aimed at raising public awareness around depression – on World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2019. The film, “The Little Empty Passage”, is intended to send the message that depression is an illness, not a weakness of character. Straddling comedy and drama, the film’s director, Daniel Perez (co-creative director of Serviceplan Paris), shows how patients with obvious pathologies would be treated if their clinical signs were considered as lightly as the signs of depression are sometimes. This spot was broadcast on the internet and social media....
15 Oct 2019 08:29
Vellas creates launch film for new Ghost Recon franchise campaign
Vellas created the new launch film for the latest instalment of the Ghost Recon franchise. Vellas recently signed to Prettybird UK and US rosters. There are two versions of the new Vellas-directed Ghost Recon film, one close to 5 minutes long and a 2:35 version. Seen from the point of view of Ghost, an elite US special operations soldier stuck behind enemy lines, the film fires on all cylinders creatively and visually. The shoot took place in Ukraine and Kiev over a period of four days....
14 Oct 2019 09:46
TBWA enlists Lazarusman for MTN’s Deaf Awareness Month with Fort
TBWA and Fort recently produced a music video for MTN and Lazarusman’s “Defbars” – a song that only uses sign-language. The video is part of MTN’s campaign for Deaf Awareness Month, which is aimed at spreading awareness of the emergency number *130*3272*29# . The song came with a beat that was produced specifically for deaf people, using production techniques that allow the deaf community to feel the beat in the absence of hearing it....
30 Sep 2019 14:27
Watch the trailer for Christiaan Olwagen’s Poppie Nongena
The trailer for Christiaan Olwagen’s Silwerskerm award-winning adaptation of Elsa Joubert’s The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena has been released. The film centres around Poppie Nongena, an isiXhosa mother whose life revolves around finding stability for her family during a period of political unrest in South Africa. The film – which stars Clementime Mosimane, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Chris Gxalaba, Rolanda Marais, Dawid Minnaar and Lida Botha – will be released nationwide in cinemas on 31 January 2020....
26 Sep 2019 07:54
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