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Stronger health systems will boost the fight against infectious diseases
Stronger health systems will boost the fight against infectious diseasesArticle

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that 13-million people die from infectious diseases each year...

13 May 2019

Mosquito nets are often used where malaria is common. Shutterstock
#WorldMalariaDay: As a Malian, the slogan 'zero malaria starts with me' has special meaningArticle

For the millions worldwide living with the daily reality of malaria, bringing an end to this awful disease can feel like a distant dream...

Mamadou Coulibaly 25 Apr 2019

Malaria detection campaign in the Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina-Faso) in collaboration with the Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé. Elena
#WorldMalariaDay: What we're doing in Burkina-Faso to help stop itArticle

Malaria has been a terrible disease throughout human history. Deaths actually peaked over five million in the 1930s and it spread all over the world...

Elena Gómez Díaz 25 Apr 2019

Three species of immature mosquito: the common house mosquito, and the malaria vectors An. arabiensis and An. funestus. Supplied
#WorldMalariaDay: How higher temperatures and pollution are affecting mosquitoesArticle

In 2017, malaria killed .435,000 people around the world. The vast majority of these deaths - 403 000 - were on the African continent. Most malaria cases are in sub-Saharan Africa...

Shüné Oliver 24 Apr 2019

#WTMA19: Turning the Africa misconception into a profitable, hyperlocal, luxury experience
#WTMA19: Turning the Africa misconception into a profitable, hyperlocal, luxury experienceArticle

Africa is a continent filled with places to be explored, yet there are so many countries on the continent that foreigners have never heard of...

Robin Fredericks 15 Apr 2019

A woman receiving an oral cholera vaccine in Beira, Mozambique. Celeste Mac-Arthur
Cyclone Idai is over - but its health effects will be felt for a long timeArticle

People in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe have started trying to rebuild their lives after the devastation wrought by Cyclone Idai...

Kerrigan McCarthy & Lucille Blumberg 15 Apr 2019

Mozambique rescue mission after devastating Cyclone Idai, March 2019.
Facebook uses big data to aid humanitarian efforts in AfricaArticle

Facebook artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have created the world's most detailed population density maps of Africa to help humanitarian relief efforts...

10 Apr 2019

Photo: United Nations
#CycloneIdai: Cholera prevention and other relief efforts underwayArticle

Around 900,000 doses of cholera vaccine have been unloaded in Mozambique to help stave off a possible epidemic, in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai.

3 Apr 2019

New study: Improved housing doubles in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000-2015
New study: Improved housing doubles in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000-2015Article

A new study published in the Nature International Journal of Science has revealed that improved housing had doubled in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000 and 2015...

1 Apr 2019

Cyclone Idai 'yet another alarm bell' signalling impacts of climate change - Guterres
Cyclone Idai 'yet another alarm bell' signalling impacts of climate change - GuterresArticle

UN secretary-general António Guterres has warned that vulnerable countries like Mozambique would be hit the hardest by climate change unless urgent action is taken...

27 Mar 2019

Kissing bug: spreader of Chagas disease. schlyx/Shutterstock
Venezuela: region's infectious crisis is a disaster of hemispheric proportionsArticle

Over the last two decades, Venezuela has entered a deep socioeconomic and political crisis...

Martin Llewellyn 26 Mar 2019

South African teams on the ground in Mozambique, aided by the South African Air Force. Image credit: IPSS Medical Rescue/Paul Herbst.
#NEWSWATCH: Global relief effort after Cyclone Idai devastationArticle

Cyclone Idai which hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi a week ago, has been described as probably the worst weather-related disaster to hit the Southern Hemisphere...

Louise Marsland 20 Mar 2019

Antimalarial drugs on bed nets could lead to drop in malaria transmission
Antimalarial drugs on bed nets could lead to drop in malaria transmissionArticle

Mosquitoes that landed on surfaces coated with the antimalarial compound atovaquone were completely blocked from developing Plasmodium falciparum...

12 Mar 2019

Damian McHugh, head of marketing, Momentum health services.
What the 2019 budget means for healthcare consumersArticle

National Health Insurance (NHI) is critical to creating a quality functioning healthcare system for all South Africans...

5 Mar 2019

Women in Malawi visit clinics many more times in their lives than men. Shutterstock
Malawi's health system puts women first. This isn't always a good thingArticle

Policymakers, donors and international agencies have, for decades, the need to prioritise women's health services - for their own health as well as their children's...

Kathryn Dovel, Morna Cornell, Sara Yeatman & Steph 20 Feb 2019

Post-surgical death stats higher than TB, malaria & HiV combined
Post-surgical death stats higher than TB, malaria & HiV combinedArticle

A study by researchers at UCT and University of Birmingham shows that 4.2-million people die each year within 30 days of surgery, more than from HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria combined (2.9-million)...

7 Feb 2019

The Master of Science in Global Health Delivery Class of 2018. Photo by Jean Christophe Kitoko for UGHE
Rwanda university sets out to teach doctors medicine and managementArticle

A new university of health sciences is being launched in Rwanda. The University of Global Health Equity is being touted as a centre that will "contribute to addressing the critical shortage of health professionals" and "ensure they remain committed to the continent"...

Agnes Binagwaho 6 Feb 2019

Personalised medicine aims to tailor treatment according to each person’s genetic makeup. Shutterstock
Why African countries need to give genomic research a major boostArticle

All organisms are unique. Each having a set of genetic instructions for their build-up and maintenance. This set of genetic instructions is contained in genes that makeup a genome...

Lamech Mwapagha 30 Jan 2019

People living in run-down, inner city apartments, like these in Cairo, are at risk of heat-stress health problems. Shutterstock
How global warming is adding to the health risks of poor peopleArticle

There is mounting evidence of the impact of climate change on human habitat and health, on plant and animal life, on water resources and shorelines...

Lenore Manderson 28 Jan 2019

Top 5 African youth innovators selected for Africa Energy Indaba 2019
Top 5 African youth innovators selected for Africa Energy Indaba 2019Article

The Africa Energy Indaba 2019 platform has announced the top five nominees for Africa's Youth Energy Innovator award...

24 Jan 2019

How water treatment in South Africa can eradicate water-related diseases
How water treatment in South Africa can eradicate water-related diseasesArticle

Understanding the nature of waterborne diseases is the first step to comprehending why water treatment is critical in South Africa...

Issued by WEC Projects 18 Jan 2019

Why does malaria recur? How pieces of the puzzle are slowly being filled inArticle

Some people suffer from repeated attacks of malaria. These can occur weeks to months or longer after contracting the disease...

Miles B Markus 17 Jan 2019

10 biggest threats to global health
10 biggest threats to global healthArticle

The World Health Organisation's new five-year strategic plan - the 13th General Programme of Work tackles multiple global health challenges...

15 Jan 2019

Child ready to receive measles vaccine, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau. Christine Stabell Benn, Author provided
Vaccines have health effects beyond protecting against target diseasesArticle

A measles vaccine protects against measles infection. By introducing a bit of weakened virus, the immune system learns how to deal with it, so when a real measles virus comes along, it can eliminate it...

Christine Stabell Benn 15 Jan 2019

Mariamichelle via
Going travelling? Don't forget insurance (and to read the fine print)Article

All international travel involves risk. You may have an accident or illness that lands you in hospital; you may even need to be repatriated, so it's important to take out appropriate insurance for your trip...

David Beirman 21 Dec 2018

While women in sub-Saharan Africa live longer than men, many of these extra years are lived in poor health. Shutterstock
People in Africa live longer. But their health is poor in those extra yearsArticle

People are now living longer in sub-Saharan Africa than they did two decades ago...

Charles Shey Wiysonge 20 Dec 2018

Imperial Logistics joins global campaign to fight the threat of fake medicines
Imperial Logistics joins global campaign to fight the threat of fake medicinesArticle

Monday, 3 December to Friday, 7 December 2018 is Fight the Fakes week which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of fake medicine and gives a voice to those who have been impacted...

Issued by Imperial Logistics 7 Dec 2018

Professor Kelly Chibale. Photo: Je'nine May
R&D is the pipeline for science jobs in AfricaArticle

There's a critical need to invest in a research & development (R&D) industry that could create a pipeline of jobs for science graduates in Africa...

5 Dec 2018

Many African countries are flooding, risking decades of development if they do not adapt
Many African countries are flooding, risking decades of development if they do not adaptArticle

Most African countries have made strong progress in achieving major development goals in the last few years. Despite this much needed progress, the past decade has seen flooding damage or destroy much of this same infrastructure,..

Olalekan Adekola 3 Dec 2018

The life expectancy improvements in sub-Saharan Africa vary between men and women. Shutterstock
Lifestyle diseases could scupper Africa's rising life expectancyArticle

People in sub-Saharan Africa are now living longer than ever before. A child born in the region today is expected to live up to 64 years on average...

Charles Shey Wiysonge 27 Nov 2018

Jawbone Brand Experiences wins Goodbye Malaria
Jawbone Brand Experiences wins Goodbye MalariaArticle

Jawbone Brand Experiences has become Goodbye Malaria's brand activation and stand-building partner...

Issued by Jawbone 27 Nov 2018

Drawing on illustration to amplify brand design
Drawing on illustration to amplify brand designArticle

The craft of illustration is making a comeback in advertising communications, giving brands a unique distinctive asset in creating bespoke brand assets...

Issued by Grid Worldwide 22 Nov 2018

In this 2012 photo, grandmother Janet Kitheka, 63, collects her adopted “granddaughter” Lucy, 13, at the end of the school day in the yard of the Hot Courses Primary School, in the village of Nyumbani which caters to children who lost their parents to HIV, and grandparents who lost their children to HIV in Kenya.
Aspirin could help reduce HIV infections in womenArticle

With nearly two million new infections and one million associated deaths each year, the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) pandemic is alive and well...

Colin Graydon and Monika Kowatsch 20 Nov 2018

A close-up of a female Anopheles arabiensis feeding. Author supplied
South Africa investigates sterilising mosquitoes in anti-malaria driveArticle

South Africa is one of four southern African countries aiming to eliminate malaria transmission...

Givemore Munhenga 9 Nov 2018

Scientists analysing data at the South-South Malaria Research Partnership project laboratory in Kenya. Flora Mutere-Okuku
Novel approach brings African scientists closer to a malaria vaccineArticle

Malaria is still a major problem in Africa. There are over 200 million clinical cases each year and approximately half a million deaths...

Faith Osier 7 Nov 2018

There are concerns that Africa may be excluded from advances in genetic brain research. Shutterstock
Mental health genetics: African solutions for African challengesArticle

Over the past two decades, mental health research has advanced markedly. But most mental health studies haven't included African people

Benyam Worku Dubale, Celia van der Merwe & Nathani 6 Nov 2018

Women entrepreneurs win at 2018 Anzisha Prize Awards
Women entrepreneurs win at 2018 Anzisha Prize AwardsArticle

Grand Prize winner and second-runner up are providing healthcare solutions that are changing lives in Africa...

6 Nov 2018

Zambezi Valley may soon be too hot for tsetse flies
Zambezi Valley may soon be too hot for tsetse fliesArticle

A new study, based on 27 years of data from Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, suggests that temperature increases over the last three decades have already caused major declines in local populations of tsetse flies...

Wiida Fourie-Basson 5 Nov 2018

Professor Souleymane Mboup
Health is essential for Africa to cash in on its human capitalArticle

Africa is home to 1.2bn people, many of them young, which has has fuelled talk about the continent's human capital being an asset in economic growth...

Souleymane Mboup 26 Oct 2018

Global radio broadcast to fight poaching in Africa
Global radio broadcast to fight poaching in AfricaArticle

Radio stations unite around the world for synchronised broadcast of 'Snared In Africa'...

25 Oct 2018

Global Citizen Festival announces partnerships with top South African broadcasters
Global Citizen Festival announces partnerships with top South African broadcastersArticle

International advocacy organisation Global Citizen has announced that DStv, SABC, and Viacom's MTV International will be the broadcast partners for the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100...

Issued by OnPoint PR 19 Oct 2018

Photo: Western Cape Government
Thousands of us die from these illnesses each day. Will it ever end?Article

Recently, the United Nations held its first-ever high-level meeting]on TB...

Yogan Pillay 11 Oct 2018

EPA/Jane Hahn
Why drugs alone won't stop the spread of parasitic worms in AfricaArticle

Deworming has become a common practise across the world. It has proved very successful, reducing the burden of parasitic worms among children by more than 50%...

Justin Komguep Nono & Hlumani Ndlovu 10 Oct 2018

New African Food Safety Index launches
New African Food Safety Index launchesArticle

In a move to help tackle the burden of foodborne diseases, a new African Food Safety Index (AFSI) was launched on Tuesday, 2 October 2018...

3 Oct 2018

#5ForChange: Discover the 'New York of Africa' with Dlala Nje
#5ForChange: Discover the 'New York of Africa' with Dlala NjeArticle

What started off in 2012 as a games arcade for the 400-plus kids of Ponte City in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, has evolved into an inspiring social development project...

Sindy Peters 3 Oct 2018

Climate change, water and the spread of diseases: connecting the dots differentlyArticle

Half a century ago concerns about climate change, environment vulnerability, population density and the sustainability of earth systems reached a broad audience.

Lenore Manderson 17 Sep 2018

Professor Annalise Zemlin. Photo: Damien Schumann
Getting the balance right in detecting diabetesArticle

Finding the right biochemical tests to detect diabetes mellitus earlier can reduce the heavy burden of this disease on the healthcare system and local communities...

Jorisna Bonthuys 10 Sep 2018

Heavy rainfall recently devastated large swathes of Kerala, India. Prakash Elamakkara/EPA
Nature's whims cause water crises. Its infrastructure can stop themArticle

Across Asia, man-made structures have stood powerless to avert tragedy after tragedy during 2018's rainy season...

Karen Villholth 4 Sep 2018

Mimi Kalinda, co-founder and managing director of Africommunications Group.
Innovation vital to Africa's DNA, but so is strategic communicationArticle

Innovation is a critical part Africa's DNA, but it only plays a part in shaping the continent's narrative when the world becomes aware of it...

Mimi Kalinda 3 Sep 2018

Dr Ayodele Odusola, chief economist, UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa
Investing in Africa is sound business and a sustainable corporate strategyArticle

The best time to invest in Africa is now. However, foreign investors have not moved into the continent as quickly as expected because foreign investment decisions are often methodically overstructured...

Ayodele Odusola 31 Aug 2018

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