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Family members of Covid-19 infected patients stand in a queue with empty oxygen cylinders outside the oxygen filling centre in New Delhi, India. Photo by Naveen Sharma/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
It's possible to build stronger systems to deliver oxygen: here's what it takesArticle

Covid-19 pneumonia creates breathing difficulties leading to low blood oxygen levels (hypoxaemia). Unable to get enough oxygen to supply vital organs, patients with hypoxaemia are at very high risk of death...

Hamish Graham & Adegoke Falade 2 days ago

Remote training in bioinformatics to upskill scientists across Africa
Remote training in bioinformatics to upskill scientists across AfricaArticle

A new collaboration between Wellcome Connecting Science and H3ABioNet is helping deliver bioinformatics training throughout Africa, helping scientists tackle some of the continent's most urgent health challenges...

7 May 2021

Global Citizen announces Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as campaign chairs of Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World
Global Citizen announces Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as campaign chairs of Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the WorldArticle

Global Citizen has announced exciting new additions to the lineup for Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World, which will take place on Sunday, 2 May...

Issued by OnPoint PR 28 Apr 2021

Malaria eradication by 2025, an achievable goal
Malaria eradication by 2025, an achievable goalArticle

African countries still bear the brunt of malaria's grip on the world, with approximately 70% of all infections occurring on this continent...

26 Apr 2021

The world spends billions on treated mosquito nets each year. Irene Abdou / Alamy Stock Photo
New malaria vaccine proves highly effective - and Covid shows how quickly it could be deployedArticle

Coronavirus vaccines have been developed and deployed in record time, but as global rollout has progressed, too few doses have been made available in low-income countries...

Adrian Hill 26 Apr 2021

Global Citizen urges wealthy nations to pledge 'dollars for doses' to vaccinate 6.5m African health workers
Global Citizen urges wealthy nations to pledge 'dollars for doses' to vaccinate 6.5m African health workersArticle

President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged his support for Global Citizen's Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World, to draw attention to the need to vaccinate, end Covid-19 and kickstart a global economic recovery...

Issued by OnPoint PR 14 Apr 2021

Dentsu International partners with Malaria No More UK to 'Draw The Line Against Malaria'
Dentsu International partners with Malaria No More UK to 'Draw The Line Against Malaria'Article

Dentsu International has partnered with global NGO Malaria No More UK to launch 'Draw The Line Against Malaria'...

Issued by Dentsu 2 Mar 2021

Sun, sun, sun here we come
Sun, sun, sun here we comeArticle

New 13-part YouTube series, Sharing the Sun, to explore the close relationship between South Africa and Japan...

Issued by OnPoint PR 8 Feb 2021

A laboratory technician patient samples at the Amudat Hospital, Uganda. Laboratories are central to the delivery of high quality data in clinical trials. Paul Kamau
Innovation - and research - are key to killing off neglected tropical diseases in AfricaArticle

As a young medical doctor over 30 years ago, I had an experience no doctor wants to have. One of my patients, a young boy, died in my arms as we rushed him to the referral hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, to receive treatment...

Monique Wasunna 29 Jan 2021

Image supplied
#BizTrends2021: African demands for post-Covid healthcare align impact with investor opportunity in 2021Article

The Covid-19 emergency has focused minds on the urgent need for improved healthcare across Africa, aligning unprecedented opportunity for positive social impact with competitive returns...

Jason Mitchell 11 Jan 2021

Many South Africans use traditional medicine. Paballo Thekiso/AFP via Getty Images
South African researchers are looking at medicinal plants for possible Covid-19 treatmentsArticle

South Africa has a long tradition of using plants for medicinal purposes. Some of these, such as Aloe ferox, Sutherlandia frutescens and Kiggelaria africana, have been studied as sources of useful compounds. But most still need to be scientifically validated as treatments for particular diseases....

Depika Dwarka 25 Nov 2020

Strengthening healthcare supply chain systems in Africa
Strengthening healthcare supply chain systems in AfricaArticle

The distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine from drugmakers to billions of people around the world is likely to be the supply chain management profession's greatest endeavour ever...

20 Nov 2020

Photo supplied
Climate change and its impact on mining project planningArticle

Climate change is playing an increasingly important role in the decision making processes of mining projects. Even as early as the pre-feasibility stages, its impact on factors such as water management and social licence needs to be considered.

19 Nov 2020

A response led by scientists and researchers must be central to any current and future threats. Donwilson Odhiambo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Strong leadership fought Covid-19 in Africa: the next step is to harness researchArticle

African countries are still reeling from the effect of measures, such as lockdowns, taken to contain the spread of Covid-19...

Monique Wasunna 12 Nov 2020

UKZN’s Emeritus Professor Anna Coutsoudis
SA study recommends changes to PMTCT guidelinesArticle

A recent study by the UKZN and the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) recommends changes to the WHO's HIV prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programme guidelines...

10 Nov 2020

Dr Matshidiso Moeti, regional head, Africa, World Health Organisation
Africa's fragile health system hit hard by Covid-19Article

A sharp decline in five key essential services in 14 African countries between January and September 2020 is indicative of how the Covid-19 pandemic could deepen the continent's health services crisis...

9 Nov 2020

Mosquitoes and parasites do not respect country borders. CDC/James Gathan
As the malaria season begins in southern Africa, Covid-19 complicates the pictureArticle

Two of the nine global public health awareness days are associated with malaria: World Malaria Day, observed on 25 April, and World Mosquito Day on 20 August...

Jaishree Raman & Shüné Oliver 6 Nov 2020

Pandemic delivers mixed fortunes for laboratory, analytics industry
Pandemic delivers mixed fortunes for laboratory, analytics industryArticle

The pandemic has resulted in an overall drop in revenues for global laboratory and analytics businesses, although some segments in the sector reported a spike in demand...

26 Oct 2020

Malaria parasites in Nigeria are genetically diverse: a danger but also a useful toolArticle

Malaria is one of the world's most dangerous parasitic disease and a major public health challenge, especially in Africa...

Segun Isaac Oyedeji 20 Oct 2020

Scientists around Africa are working at the cutting edge of research and their work is relevant beyond the continent. PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images
Quality research in Africa matters more than ever - for the whole worldArticle

We are at a unique moment in history. Two particular, ongoing events stand out. Covid-19 is one. The other is a long-overdue recognition of inequities among people in the US and worldwide...

Thomas Kariuki & Elizabeth Marincola 16 Oct 2020

Mathari Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital in Kenya. Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images
Why Africa needs to invest in mental healthArticle

More than 13% of the global burden of disease is due to disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and substance abuse. Almost three-quarters of this burden lies in low- and middle-income countries, because of extremely scarce health resources and investment...

Benedict Weobong & Justice Nonvignon 13 Oct 2020

Digital strategy and content for Adolescent Girls and Young Women Programme
Digital strategy and content for Adolescent Girls and Young Women ProgrammeArticle

Nacosa seeks the services of a suitably qualified and experienced consultant to develop a comprehensive digital strategy, content and analytics for engaging and retaining vulnerable adolescent girls and young women and amplifying their voices during the Covid-19 pandemic...

Issued by Nacosa 8 Oct 2020

Covid-19: Examining theories for Africa's low death rates
Covid-19: Examining theories for Africa's low death ratesArticle

As the threat of a Covid-19 pandemic emerged earlier this year, many felt a sense of apprehension about what would happen when it reached Africa.

Kevin Mars & Moses Alobo 8 Oct 2020

Child mortality rates in the country are high. John Fredricks/NurPhoto via Getty Images
How smartphones could help improve child health in MalawiArticle

Many low- and middle-income countries, such as Malawi, continue to experience high child mortality rates. Most of these deaths are caused by preventable and treatable diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia...

Griphin Baxter Chirambo et al 6 Oct 2020

All you need to know about honeymooning in Kruger National Park
All you need to know about honeymooning in Kruger National ParkArticle

If you're seeking a romantic getaway like no other, look no further than a Kruger National Park honeymoon...

Adelle Bell 2 Oct 2020

Environmental surveillance could provide an earlier and clearer picture for public health interventions
Environmental surveillance could provide an earlier and clearer picture for public health interventionsArticle

If there was any doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has clearly revealed that we inhabit a world where people, animals and environments are interconnected and interdependent...

Dr Eunice Ubomba-Jaswa and Dr Nonhlanhla Kalebaila 23 Sep 2020

Makoko neighbourhood in Lagos, initially founded as a fishing village.Frédéric Soltan/Corbis via Getty Images
Can Covid-19 inspire a new way of planning African cities?Article

Health crises are not new in Africa. The continent has grappled with infectious diseases on all levels, from local (such as malaria) to regional (Ebola) to global (Covid-19)...

Patrick Brandful Cobbinah, Ellis Adjei Adams & Michael Odei Erdiaw-Kwasie 21 Sep 2020

Urban planning needs to look back first: three cities in Ghana show why
Urban planning needs to look back first: three cities in Ghana show whyArticle

Months into the global Covid-19 pandemic, policymakers have begun discussing what the "new normal" might look like in metropolitan environments...

Nate Plageman, Jennifer Anne Hart, Tony Yeboah 16 Sep 2020

Ignored fungal infections kill more people annually than HIV and malaria combined
Ignored fungal infections kill more people annually than HIV and malaria combinedArticle

Recently published estimates put the burden of disease due to fungal infection in South Africa at more than 3 million cases per year. These figures are especially shocking given that prior to 1980, fungal infections were not a major health problem...

Carolina Pohl-Albertyn, Issued by University of the Free State 10 Sep 2020

Young entrepreneur fills medical supply gap in rural Africa
Young entrepreneur fills medical supply gap in rural AfricaArticle

After identifying a need for medical consumables and disposables to difficult-to-deliver regions and rural communities across Africa, Tony McPherson launched McPherson Trading, a tender based procurement consultancy to help fill this gap...

9 Sep 2020

Nigerian scientists are working to better understand coronavirus. African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Disease
Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2: why it mattersArticle

By the first week of August 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic had caused about 654,000 deaths worldwide...

Christian Happi 7 Sep 2020

Normal blood cells (left) and the blood cells in sickle cell disease, which do not flow through the circulatory system smoothly. Credit: Darryl Leja, NHGRI (CC BY 2.0)
UCT professor's research offers hope of treatment for sickle cell anaemiaArticle

A study performed in Cameroon by a University of Cape Town professor may offer hope of treatment for people with sickle cell anaemia (SCA), a disease which affects hundreds of thousands in Africa...

Elsabé Brits 3 Sep 2020

A palm oil plantation in Malaysia. (Shutterstock)
How our food choices cut into forests and put us closer to virusesArticle

Forests provide an essential buffer between people and wildlife - and the viruses they carry. Global agriculture is destroying forests, harming biodiversity and may be putting human life at risk...

24 Aug 2020

Michael Moloney/Shutterstock
Antibiotic resistance: cheap diagnostic test could be a saviourArticle

With the world's attention focused on combating Covid-19, it is easy to forget the other significant threat to public health and the global economy - the rapid rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)...

Lara Marks & Ankur Mutreja 11 Aug 2020

The future is positive
The future is positiveArticle

Ian Mann, one of South Africa's most respected strategy and leadership consultants, shares his fact-based views on why the world is getting better...

Ian Mann, Issued by SAICA 23 Jul 2020

Secure meat-hungry food systems to prevent next pandemic
Secure meat-hungry food systems to prevent next pandemicArticle

Sustainable agriculture and better health monitoring needed to break chain of disease transmission in food systems...

Fatima Arkin 23 Jul 2020

These are the 5 best places for an African safari with kids
These are the 5 best places for an African safari with kidsArticle

The best memories are made on the road. And for the little ones, unforgettable experiences in the African Savannah beats getting a new toy...

Issued by Orbeen 22 Jul 2020

Shamwari adopts WHO-approved Covid-19 measures for September reopening
Shamwari adopts WHO-approved Covid-19 measures for September reopeningArticle

Working with professional health and travel industry bodies, Shamwari Private Game Reserve has developed a set of safety standards to mitigate the possibility of Covid-19 virus spreading at its facilities when it reopens in September...

22 Jul 2020

5 ways to make your trip along the Garden Route sustainable
5 ways to make your trip along the Garden Route sustainableArticle

As South Africa slowly starts easing travel restrictions within the country during its Covid-19 lockdown, sustainable and safe travel will be one of the ways the local tourism industry will get back on its feet...

8 Jul 2020

A volunteer receives an injection from a medical worker during the country’s first human clinical trial for a potential vaccine against Covid-19 in Soweto, South Africa. Felix Dlangamandla/Beeld/Gallo Images via Getty Images
Covid-19 vaccine: the challenges of running a trial in the middle of a pandemicArticle

South Africa recently announced the start of the country's first Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial. The vaccine is also being tested in the UK and Brazil...

Jeffrey Mphahlele 7 Jul 2020

Rwanda's Covid-19 pool testing: a savvy option where there's low viral prevalenceArticle

Many countries in East Africa have turned to contact tracing and carrying out Covid-19 tests on thousands of individuals as a way of monitoring and trying to limit transmissions of the new coronavirus. In Rwanda, they have been investigating how they can scale up testing significantly...

Leon Mutesa 3 Jul 2020

Exposure to sunshine for a few minutes is enough to provide sufficient vitamin D. GettyImages
Think vitamin D deficiency is not common in Africa? Think againArticle

The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, and the number of diseases associated with it, seems to be increasing worldwide. Africa is known to have a huge burden of disease, but little is known about the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency...

Reagan Mogire 29 Jun 2020

Kibali Mine is fully automated. Image: Barrick Gold Corporation
Covid is forcing the mining sector to adopt technologyArticle

"Can you imagine explaining 5G or autonomy or the cloud to a mine boss from, even the, mid-twentieth century? Or even remote technologies that we're using now, pre-Covid-19 in some cases?"

23 Jun 2020

Anopheles Stephensi, Sem. Photo By BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Breakthrough: microbe found to block the transmission of malariaArticle

Malaria has been a terrible human disease from before the neolithic period up to present day. It has likely caused more human deaths than any other infectious agent...

Jeremy Herren 9 Jun 2020

#YouthMonth: How brands should interact with young people during lockdown
#YouthMonth: How brands should interact with young people during lockdownArticle

Arena Events has been hosting various online events catering to different issues affecting the media, marketing and advertising industries and as part of our #YouthMonth content feature, we're covering their Sunday Times Gen Next series...

Jessica Tennant 8 Jun 2020

The World Health Organisation has suspended the use of hydroxychloroquine in a global drug trial. George Frey/AFP via Getty Images
Why it's vital to look beyond the hype about repurposed malaria drugsArticle

There are many examples in history of drugs that have been repurposed for different diseases. One such drug is chloroquine, which was and is still used for malarial treatment. It has been repurposed as an anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and, most recently, as an anti-viral drug...

Marguerite Blignaut 8 Jun 2020

A deserted street in Cairo after coronavirus-related restrictions were tightened. Egypt has been one of the hardest hit in Africa. Photo by Mohamed Elraai/picture alliance via Getty Images
Controlling Covid-19 will carry devastating economic cost for developing countriesArticle

Many African countries quickly closed their borders and imposed lockdown. This meant that, until the beginning of May, no African country had more than 10,000 people affected, with South Africa, Egypt, Morocco or Algeria being the hardest hit...

Borja Santos Porras 4 Jun 2020

Julia Sudnitskaya/Shutterstock via The Conversation.
Africans are concerned about ills of social media but oppose government restrictionsArticle

When it comes to fighting Covid-19 in Africa, the internet and social media have been a double-edged sword. But concerns about misinformation extend beyond the Covid-19 crisis...

Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz 3 Jun 2020

Ymon via
WTTC recognises Mauritius as a safe destinationArticle

Since 26 April, no local cases of the Covid-19 virus have been recorded in Mauritius, which has prompted the govern­ment to remove sanitary containment from 31 May...

1 Jun 2020

A bottle of Covid Organics, a herbal tea that authorities in Madagascar gave to students. Photo by Rijasolo/AFP via Getty Images
Why more must be done to fight bogus Covid-19 cure claimsArticle

Time and again, public nervousness has proved a fertile ground for false cures and claimants to thrive. In this sense, recent claims of Covid-19 cures and antidotes are no exception...

Chimaraoke Izugbara & Mary O Obiyan 19 May 2020

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