With a proven track record in business management and finance, Oz Desai heads up Flight Centre Travel Group's dynamic Corporate Traveller brand in South Africa. Having worked in a retail travel, management and finance environment within the Flight Centre group, Desai's first-hand experience brings great depth to the role of positioning Corporate Traveller as the preferred provider of travel solutions to corporate South Africa.
3 things robots can't do better than humans (and two things they can)

There has been no shortage of predictions about how advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will replace humans in all kinds of jobs...

By Oz Desai 23 Jul 2019

#AfricaMonth: How technology keeps business travellers safe in Africa

Travel in Africa can be challenging and even risky at times. However, technology is helping to mitigate these issues...

By Oz Desai 30 May 2019

5 things you always wanted to know about your company's travel spend

Is your company still relying on Excel worksheets or - dare we say it - using pen and paper to calculate travel expenses? If so, you're not alone...

By Oz Desai 21 May 2019

6 ways tech can make business travel bookings easier

Corporate Traveller's Oz Desai points out six scenarios where the right technology can considerably simplify and improve the travel booking process...

By Oz Desai 25 Mar 2019

#BizTrends2019: Put the 'human' back into corporate travel in 2019

Robots might be rumoured to take over the world in the future, but for now - in 2019 - the corporate travel landscape is about to get a whole lot more 'human'...

By Oz Desai 16 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2018: Visa openness the key to unlocking Africa's economy

While many parts of the world grapple with conversations around closing borders, there are murmurs of the opposite in Africa, a region renowned for its lack of visa openness and one that could see prosperity and growth if the barriers to travel were consciously broken down...

By Oz Desai 23 Jan 2018

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