A former magazine editor, Natalie found her place at Native VML in 2013, creating content for brands like Nestle, HIV South Africa and Isuzu...
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#BizTrends2018: Is the 280-character count the end of brands on Twitter?

If nothing else, Twitter has long since been defined by its ruthless 140-character count. It forced us to choose our words carefully. It challenged us to get the point. It reimagined short stories. It captivated our diminishing attention spans in a way that Facebook, TV, teachers and even news bulletins couldn't...

By Natalie Pool 8 Jan 2018

Great curated content not to be underestimated

Wading through the content clutter to discover gems so that users don't have to, is a valuable service brands can and should offer their community.

By Natalie Pool 17 Mar 2014

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