Guy Stehlik is the CEO and founder of BON Hotels and Director of BON Hotels International West Africa. Having vast experience in all aspects of Hotel Management as well as having owned his own hotels, Guy created BON Hotels as an "owner-staff-community-guest" centric company to herald in and define an exciting new era in hotel management.
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Adapting your offering from 'new' to normal

The business of accommodation is changing radically as the travel industry begins to emerge from the global event that has reshaped our lives over the first half of 2020. The quicker establishments adapt to new expectations from travellers, the faster the sector will move from 'new' to normal, says Guy Stehlik of BON Hotels...

By Guy Stehlik 25 Aug 2020

What the travel trends of yesterday mean for the future of travel

We are travelling more, and younger and younger generations are now setting out to see the world and there is an ever-increasing desire by travellers to venture further and further...

By Guy Stehlik 13 Jul 2020

How hotel management companies should prepare hotel owners for crises

No industry experiences smooth sailing all of the time. While you cannot prepare for everything ? we certainly did not foresee a global pandemic sending much of the world into lockdown so swiftly ? it is essential to have strategies in place to be prepared for potential crises...

By Guy Stehlik 18 Jun 2020

What does the future of hotel design look like?

Guy Stehlik, CEO and founder of BON Hotels chats to the hotels interior design building and procurement partner, Grant Gillis as he delves deeper into how the hotel industry can be expected to change, specifically from a design point of view...

By Guy Stehlik 2 Jun 2020

5 ways to help the travel industry right now

While South African Tourism is working on the recovery plan for the industry, there are still things we can do in our own capacity to help out...

By Guy Stehlik 20 May 2020

Tourism trends for 2020: Africa to dominate the landscape

When it comes to growth relating to where travellers want to spend their holidays in 2020 and beyond, Africa will remain the world's top performer...

By Guy Stehlik 27 Jan 2020

Are relaxed visa regulations enough to turn the tourism industry around?

It's no secret that in light of the current South African climate in general, there are serious commitments needed from our government to turn around not only the nation's perception of South Africa, but the world's...

By Guy Stehlik 28 Oct 2019

Women are core to the daily work of every hotel: We must ensure their safety

The abuse of women has long been a societal issue, and things have recently reached a head in both South Africa and France with protests by thousands of people saying: "We have had enough! We must protect our women. Stop the femicide!"

By Guy Stehlik 16 Sep 2019

Lie low and stay in your lane

2018 brought plenty of hours of spring cleaning at BON Hotels: we cleared out the cobwebs and passed on projects, properties and relationships that, like outdated clothing, no longer fit us nicely. The result was an interesting period of introspection and lying low...

By Guy Stehlik 20 Mar 2019

Hotel management: The balance between luxury and profit

While every business needs to be profitable, there is such a thing as a happy balance between profits and classy standards. In fact, you cannot achieve profits without having the right standards in place, even delightful ones...

By Guy Stehlik 3 Jul 2017

Hotel management companies: Finding the perfect match

Whether buying or building a hotel, the decision to involve a hotel management company is a big one...

By Guy Stehlik 5 May 2017

Three-star hotels: Comfy in the middle

Travelling abroad will make any South African hotel guest realise that our three-star market boxes way above its weight...

By Guy Stehlik 27 Mar 2017

The worst hotel in the world

My recent blog on the best hotel I've ever stayed at got me thinking of the contrary. What is the worst hotel I have ever stayed at?

By Guy Stehlik 6 Mar 2017

The way you make me feel - the true secret to hospitality

The true secret to hospitality – be it at your home, in your office or at a hotel – comes down to “how did we make you feel”.

By Guy Stehlik 2 Feb 2017

The rise of the old school general manager

There's been something fundamental missing in this last decade of hotel management...

By Guy Stehlik 16 Jan 2017

Hotel management and hotel owner - when you wear both hats

There's a terrible misconception by hotel management companies that hotel owners are interfering, ill-informed nuisances

By Guy Stehlik 21 Nov 2016

Disserving the service industry

Why are we not actively recruiting far more young people into the tourism sector? Where are the new generation hotel school students? Why are we suffering so many unspoken realities?

By Guy Stehlik 13 Sep 2016

Holidaying locally: colouring in between the lines

We need to cater to our local travellers, making the most of the fact that the unfortunate exchange rate actually creates an exciting new market for hospitality service providers - our locals!

By Guy Stehlik 1 Aug 2016

Lessons from European hospitality: how many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Having had the good fortune of spending a few days in Europe recently as well as having worked there in the early days of my hospitality career...

By Guy Stehlik 28 Jul 2016

Keep your foot in the door

One of the first things you learn in a sales environment, usually from a salesman who has come before you, is to keep your foot in the door. Wise words...

By Guy Stehlik 13 Jun 2016

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