Enver Duminy is the CEO at Cape Town Tourism
Load shedding and its effect on SA's tourism industry

Enver Duminy, CEO of CapeTownTourism comments on the effect of load shedding on South Africa's tourism industry...

By Enver Duminy 12 Dec 2019

8 top winter activities in Cape Town

Cape Town is surprisingly busy during the colder months with loads of great deals and happenings to get you off the couch and out and about...

By Enver Duminy 19 Aug 2019

Cape Town selected for prestigious study on global destinations

Cape Town, South Africa, was selected as one of 15 top global destinations for a case study by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and the World Tourism Cities Federation...

By Enver Duminy 12 Mar 2019

#BizTrends2019: The role of data in sustainable tourism

Will we see a time coming when tourists will simply slip on a headset and travel without leaving their homes?

By Enver Duminy 14 Jan 2019

The evolving role of the DMO in optimising tourism opportunities

No matter what your reasons are for travelling, be it business or leisure, chances are you are joining the majority of visitors who research, plan, pay for and enjoy visits to destinations...

By Enver Duminy 4 Dec 2018

Fuelling the fires of the tourism economy

Behind the scenes in tourism, an epic struggle is taking place...

By Enver Duminy 22 Oct 2018

Africa's travel growth exceeds expectations

International tourist arrivals grew 6% in the first four months of 2018, compared to the same period last year, not only continuing the strong 2017 trend, but exceeding UNWTO's forecast for 2018...

By Enver Duminy 5 Oct 2018

The tourism industry will have to put up a tough fight amid the recession

"The word "recession" is an abstract one; it sounds quite depressing, if not terrifying, but its reality is a harsh one that we must face."

By Enver Duminy 10 Sep 2018

Disruptive tech driving transformation in tourism

The world as we know it is changing, with technology disrupting how we explore the global village...

By Enver Duminy 23 Aug 2018

International spotlight on fair and inclusive tourism shines on Cape Town

As part of Cape Town Tourism, CEO Enver Duminy has been asked to participate in the UNWTO Global Summit in Seoul, Korea in September 2018. He's been tasked with sharing on the topic of fair and inclusive tourism. Here are the points he'll be addressing, based on his own initiatives and goals...

By Enver Duminy 16 Aug 2018

Africa's travel growth exceeds expectations

"Developing our relationships with other African nations will allow us to capitalise on tourism growth across the continent."

By Enver Duminy 12 Jul 2018

Sustaining hospitality: Embracing the Industrial Revolution 4.0

It's essential that the tourism industry embraces the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to accommodate the digital advances that will make sustainability a reality...

By Enver Duminy 29 Mar 2018

#BizTrends2018: Trends shift as travel evolves

Travel is not a static experience - why, how and when visitors want to visit and interact with a destination is constantly evolving...

By Enver Duminy 8 Jan 2018

Cultivating the next generation of tourism professionals

The theme for this year's Tourism Month is sustainable tourism. A concept closely linked with social development...

By Enver Duminy 22 Sep 2017

Cape Town Tourism one of the top 25 tourism websites in the world

The site's user experience is outstanding, and that use of rich content such as video and tapping into global travel trends are what contribute to the site's success...

By Enver Duminy 22 Aug 2017

Skills in demand: IT opportunities in tourism

Tourism is full of opportunities for tech-savvy youngsters, from those who love IT and want to work in that field specifically to those who combine IT with the desire to develop businesses and startups...

By Enver Duminy 14 Jul 2017

The big business of bicycles

The Cape Town Cycle Tour, the world's biggest individually timed cycle race, may only take a few exhilarating hours to complete but the impact on the Cape's tourism economy is ginormous...

By Enver Duminy 7 Mar 2017

Hard work ahead to address opportunities in tourism

Tourism took a deserved mention in the State President's State of the Nation Address, with the sector viewed as a key area for driving job creation...

By Enver Duminy 16 Feb 2017

Brexit: how will currency fluctuations affect Cape Town tourism?

How will the currency fluctuations caused by Brexit, in particular, affect tourism in Cape Town?

By Enver Duminy 24 Jun 2016

The new traveller, a new sense of adventure

There are some secrets to becoming a traveller rather than just a tourist, secrets that will take you where the magic really is...

By Enver Duminy 26 May 2016

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