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FCB Johannesburg launches Yaris Sedan for Toyota

FCB Johannesburg's latest campaign for Toyota Yaris Sedan launches the sedan model to young, stylish families; that is, parents with young children.
FCB Johannesburg launches Yaris Sedan for Toyota
FCB Johannesburg launches Yaris Sedan for Toyota
FCB Johannesburg launches Yaris Sedan for Toyota
Developed by executive creative director Brett Morris, art director Troy Palmer and copy writer Adam Wittert, the campaign includes print and press executions, as well as a television commercial.

The television commercial was shot by production house Bomb Shelter in Irene in Pretoria over two days. It tells the story of a father driving a very young but hip son to a party. The father stops his car, the Toyota Yaris, a block away from the venue; and he asks the question 'here?' in a manner that makes you think that the child has previously wanted to be dropped off where his friends wouldn't see the make of the car his dad drives. This time, however, the child gestures for the dad to drive on until they stop right outside the house where the party is taking place outside. The son then steps out of the Toyota Yaris sedan, shouting 'see you later dad' and dons his dark sun glasses as if he is the coolest kid in school, a super star. Obviously, he regards the car to be as stylish as he is.

According to Morris, this execution talks directly to parents of young children, typically babies and toddlers.

"These consumers are conservative and somewhat traditional, which is why they seek an affordable sedan with a proven safety record," he said. "At the same time, they're still young and ambitious. So, when they buy a car, it must be well-styled and elegant and still deliver on the practical front with fuel economy, reliability, and space and comfort, and safety.

"We believe our campaign, entitled 'Party', does just that. Using humour, it communicates the Toyota Yaris Sedan's safety features and practical appear in a rational yet entertaining manner while still positioning the vehicle as stylish and an imminently suitable choice for an ambitious couple intend on balancing family life with career success."

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5 Jun 2006 09:45