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Altertnate contact details for Abraham Kriel Bambanani

The management of Abraham Kriel Bambanani, situated in Langlaagte, Johannesburg, wishes to notify the public that they may experience problems contacting the organisation telephonically.
Some weeks back telephone lines were stolen in the vicinity, with the result that the lines to this facility were not functioning. Since then, Telkom has managed to repair some of the telephone lines, but not all. This resulted in great frustration to members of the public that wished to contact their children living in the child and youth care centre or the social workers that deal with them.

We have also had reports of donors and supporters struggling to get through to the organisation.

It has been confirmed that there is no fault on the side organisation's internal telephone systems and it all remains up to Telkom to repair the lines.

Currently, the following landlines are in a working order and the organisation can be reached there during working hours (8am until 4pm): 011 839 3059; 011 839 3061; 011 839 3064 / 011 839 3022 / 010 592 9650

For more information or to report further difficulties please contact the organisation at .

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