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Covid-19 News South Africa

SA truckers take to Cape Town's highways in stand against vaccine mandates

A group of protestors connected to the Cape Town Truckers Freedom Drive took to the City's highways in convoy on Saturday.
Source: Supplied.
Source: Supplied.

Local traffic services, along with the South African Police Service (SAPS), were seen en-route as the group moved along the M5, N2, R300 and the N1.

The freedom convoy is the first of its kind in the country, and asks government to bring an end to Covid-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.

The convoy began at 11am and ended peacefully at 2pm.

In stark contrast, demonstrators who peacefully occupied the downtown core of Ottawa on Saturday, in a stand against pandemic restrictions, were confronted by Canadian police who used pepper spray, stun grenades and horse troops to intimidate and clear crowds. One elderly lady on the frontline was trampled by a police-mounted horse, and later died of her injuries.

More than 47 arrests were made in Ottawa on Saturday morning as police moved to disperse the blockade in front of parliament and the prime minister's office.

​​One report stated that in the event a parent at the protest is arrested and there is no one to look after their child, they would fall under the care of Children’s Aid.

Invocation of emergency powers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday invoked emergency powers, which gives the Canadian government wider authority to stop the protests. Trudeau authorised banks and financial institutions to temporarily freeze the accounts of those suspected of supporting the blockades, without obtaining a court order.

Debate in parliament over the emergency powers resumed on Saturday, and a final vote is scheduled for Monday.

Late Saturday, an alleged legitimate social-media posted on behalf of Canadian truckers, called for all Canadian truckers to stop hauling from today (21 February) until Trudeau resigns and/or the Liberal Party appoints a new leader; until vaccine mandates are lifted and until the Canadian government revokes the Emergencies Act. It called for all Canadians to not work on 21 February and 22 February in solidarity.

There has since been no update on this alleged development from news agencies.

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