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#Covid-19: Bizcommunity takes business virtual, as usual

With regard to the impact of the Covid-19 virus on global business, it is fair to say that in the quest to find socio-economic solutions to pandemic threats, we are witnessing change-management on a globally unprecedented scale. Many organisations are needing to implement measures at many touchpoints at very short notice. It is scary, challenging and demanding.

In these polarised times of physical distancing and social solidarity, we feel privileged to be able to provide our communities not only with valuable information, but more importantly, a home base on the web.

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Bizcommunity has always been the place where virtual business gets done and is fully set up to seamlessly enable your business communications through the 21-day national lockdown, starting at midnight on 26 March 2020.

We are proud and heartened by the resourcefulness, proactivity and creativity of our communities, sending in related thought-leadership articles and information, calling for crowd-sourced solutions, explaining market and management trends and of course providing vital healthcare updates. We see this trend growing in the days and weeks ahead.


We’ve aggregated a list of useful links as a resource for you. There is also a Covid-19 news feed box in the right-margin throughout every page of Bizcommunity’s 19 portals.

We are operating at full capacity from remote locations, so if you have pending ad campaigns or would like to increase your company’s visibility during this period, please contact us. We understand the overwhelming pressure on many businesses at this time and will make every effort to offer favourable bundles and rates on our products during this period.

If you have news you would like to share with your industry relating to Covid-19 please submit this on our news submission page.

If you have any links or resources to be added to this page, please email moc.ytinummoczib@91-divoc.

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Important announcements

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa announces nationwide lockdown from midnight on Thursday, 26 March, for 21 days - read announcement, watch video.
  • Essential services and businesses allowed to operate under lockdown - link.

South African links


South African news sources

International links

World Health Organization resources

Other resources


Of interest

  • How the Czech Republic has halted the growth of new cases with #Masks4All - video

Legal issues

Podcasts by Fluxmans Attorneys:
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