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Lipa Payments is Mastercard and Visa tap to phone certified

Lipa Payments (Lipa), a fintech company specialising in contactless payments, has become one of the few firms in the world to be certified by Visa and Mastercard as a SoftPOS partner. This means that Lipa can offer its customers a secure and convenient way to accept contactless card payments using any NFC-enabled smartphone, without the need for additional hardware or devices.
Lipa Payments is Mastercard and Visa tap to phone certified

Lipa's SoftPOS NFC SDK integrates seamlessly with existing mobile applications and allows businesses to tap into the growing market of contactless payments.

One SDK, multiple use-cases

Lipa's SDK opens up a world of possibilities for businesses across various industries. Whether it's retail, hospitality, or on-the-go services, this solution transforms the way payments are accepted. Retailers can now seamlessly offer contactless payment options within their own apps, enabling queue-busting payment experiences.

On-the-go service providers, such as food delivery or transportation apps, can integrate secure payment capabilities directly into their apps, enabling pay-on-delivery/arrival payments experiences. The opportunities are endless.

Seamless integration and streamlined processes

Lipa's SDK is a breeze for developers to integrate. With Lipa Payments’ publicly accessible documentation, developers can integrate the SDK with just 11 lines of code.

By simplifying the complexities associated with card payment acceptance, Lipa SDK accelerates time-to-market, reduces certification costs, and allows businesses to focus on enhancing their offerings to meet customer demands effectively.

Enhanced security and compliance

The Visa and Mastercard certifications serve as a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing a secure payment solution. Their SoftPOS solution has undergone rigorous evaluations, meeting all security and functional requirements mandated by the EMVCo, PCI-SSC and Card Scheme standards.

Businesses utilising Lipa certified SDK can confidently assure their clients, including ISOs, payment facilitators, and acquirers, that their transaction security meets the highest industry standards.

Next steps for Lipa Payments

Lipa is excited to share that they are already working towards their next certification, the PCI mobile payments on commercial off-the-shelf (MPoC) security standard.

Lipa Visa and Mastercard certified SoftPOS SDK, combined with their ongoing MPoC journey, are a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their payment offerings. With their secure and compliant solution, Lipa empowers developers to effortlessly embed core payment functionalities.

By relieving businesses of security and compliance concerns, Lipa enables them to focus efforts on bringing new features, services, and products to their customers.

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