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Esprit comes to the festive season party with a social distancing solution for the cool crowd

The festive season is fast approaching and with it, the anticipation of holiday celebrations and quality time with friends and families. This is usually the time when the young and the young-at-heart throw caution to the wind and shrug off the responsibilities of the world for a few short weeks of party time and fun in the sun.

This year is different though, with the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic a very real factor. One of the most important practices that can easily fall by the wayside as the party spirit takes over is social distancing.

And that’s where Esprit, the brand behind the delicious range of ready-to-drink flavoured alcoholic beverages that are fast becoming a preferred drink for South Africa’s ‘cool’ crowd, has stepped up to take a stand – urging young adults especially to remember to practice social distancing while they socialise, celebrate and enjoy the freedom that the summer months bring.

Esprit comes to the festive season party with a social distancing solution for the cool crowd

Esprit’s recently launched #OwnYourSpace campaign, sets out to raise awareness and to make social distancing the ‘cool’ thing to do – with bright and distinct Esprit armbands that signal to others to keep a safe social distance. The armbands are available free of charge with the purchase of a six-pack of Esprit from selected outlets. Each armband has the message ‘own your space’ imprinted on it, and it acts as a walking reminder to take responsibility by protecting yourself and others by respecting their personal space.

Alicia Reddy, Esprit brand manager, explains: “For now, social distancing in public and strict hygiene habits are our best defenses against the coronavirus, but only if people respect these practices and encourage others to do the same. That is exactly what our #OwnYourSpace campaign sets out to do. We want to encourage people to keep a safe social distance by wearing Esprit armbands when they are out and about. The armbands are a way of letting others know they need to keep a safe social distance, in the friendliest and most empathetic way possible.”

The World Health Organisation continues to encourage social distancing as one of the most important practices to adhere to in the context of the Covid-19 lockdown. It is one of the easiest precautionary measures to observe in our daily lives, especially as we emerge from the stricter Lockdown levels in South Africa.

Reddy goes on to explain how the ‘cool’ factor informed the idea that shaped this important campaign. “Our consumers are the young, cool crowd who love to have a good time. They are also strong, confident young people who are not afraid to make their voices heard and presence felt. We believe they will step up to the challenge and lead the ‘Own Your Space’ movement by wearing their armbands and influencing others within their circle of friends and family to do the same.”

However simple it sounds to practice social distancing, South Africans are very tactile and keeping a 1.5m distance is a tall task. During lockdown Levels 5 through to 3, South Africans openly expressed their need to hug their family and friends. “We understand how difficult it is to constantly remember to abide by the rules of social distancing, a practice that inherently goes against the grain of South Africans who are generally affectionate – and even more so to communicate this message while they are out and about.”

“This year, the festive season will most certainly be one for the books,’’ she says. ‘’Only if we support one another and observe the WHO best practices, can we relax and look forward to a better year in 2021.

‘’#OwnYouSpace and #OwnYourPace this holiday. Remember to social distance and drink responsibly.’’ That’s the message from the Esprit team.

Anyone who would like to be part of the #OwnYourSpace conversation on social media can visit the Esprit Facebook page or follow Esprit on Instagram @EspritSouthAfrica and Twitter @EspritRSA. Follow the hashtag #OwnYourSpace.

Esprit supports responsible drinking and encourages all South Africans to go slow, stay safe and consume alcohol responsibly, wherever they may be. Alcohol not for persons under the age of 18. - Alicia Reddy, brand manager, Esprit South Africa

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