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Ikea's "fast food of the future" includes worm balls, bug burgers and algae hot dogs

Space10 is Ikea's research hub and innovation lab, devoted to developing bold and sustainable new business models. The latest project to come out of the lab is a selection of five iconic fast food dishes, reinterpreted with unconventional, yet healthy and sustainable, ingredients.

The Bug Burger. Credit: Kasper Kristoffersen
The Space10 experiments incorporate modern unconventional ingredients such as spirulina or mealworms into classic dishes like hot dogs and burgers. The idea is to transform people's attitudes surrounding confronting ingredients that can be potentially healthier and more sustainable than what we currently eat.

Front and centre, the star of the show is the Dogless Hotdog, a vegetarian twist on the American classic filled with herbs, onions, baby carrots, cucumber salad and a beet & berry ketchup. The starkly green bun is what truly takes this odd creation to a new level. It's made with a micro-algae called spirulina, which contains 50 times more iron than spinach as well as extraordinarily high levels of beta-carotene.

The Dogless Hotdog. Credit: Kasper Kristoffersen

"Spirulina is astonishing to bake with," explains Simon Perez, the chef in residence at Space10. "It makes the dough look incredible, and you end up with a hotdog that contains zero meat but is packed with more protein than a regular 'dog'. It's fun, thought-provoking and better for people and the planet."

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