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[21 Icons Season 3] Ludwick Marishane

"We're one of the most economically unequal countries in the world and the challenge of fixing that problem is what gets me excited about South Africa." - Ludwick Marishane.

Marishane has been selected for 21 ICONS South Africa Season 3 for his pursuit of a sustainable society through the development of the DryBath® Gel product, the world's first bath-substituting lotion that saves 80 litres of water every application becoming more relevant with global water scarcity, and his role in creating a mindful contribution to youth development.

The 25-year-old from Limpopo, was rated as the best student entrepreneur in the world by the Global Champion of the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards 2011. That same year, Google named him one of the 12 brightest young minds in the world and TIME Magazine dubbed him one of the "Top 30 under 30 people that are changing the world" in 2013.

The innovative no-water cleansing gel is antibacterial and biodegradable. For rural residents in South Africa, where clean water is hard to come by, this has made a world of difference.

Within six months, the teenager had devised the formula for the gel and in less than a year, he had written up a 40-page business plan, applied for a patent and launched his start-up, called Headboy Industries.

As an only child and his father's economic freedom, he was fortunate enough to attend a good school in Johannesburg, and his dad pushed him to go for greatness and to achieve more and be more.

The film gives an insightful and inspiring glimpse of his belief that the most important skill that the school system can teach kids is the ability to empower themselves through learning and educating themselves. He says, "It's possible. The potential is there. We need to teach kids the value of the information they can access. The tools are there, we can't say they're not. It's the mind-set and the skill-set necessary to use these tools that's most important."

About the portrait

For the portrait 'The Solution', season 3 photographer Gary van Wyk describes the visual elements, "Taking inspiration from the name of his invention, DryBath, Marishane is photographed seated in an empty bathtub. Located in a kraal in Crossroads in Cape Town, with cows surrounding the tub, the portrait references not only his inspired innovation but his humble beginnings in rural Limpopo."

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About 21 Icons Season 3

The short film-series documents the conversations between Gary Van Wyk as the photographer and filmmaker and the icons. Each short film provides insight into both the subject and photographer's creative approach to the portrait.

Behind each portrait lies a carefully planned concept that captures not only the essence of each icon visually, but also in spirit and in terms of their unique legacy.

Season three of 21 ICONS South Africa is proudly sponsored by Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

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