Ukheshe Technologies partners with startup Chipper

Ukheshe Technologies has announced a new partnership with Chipper, a three-year-old payment startup, to enhance and accelerate the rollout out of Chipper's digital payment offerings. These include free and unlimited P2P payments across South Africa, value-added services such as airtime and data and the ability to legally buy, sell or transfer cryptocurrency. The partnership will also allow for more transactions across Africa.
Clayton Hayward, CEO of Ukheshe | image supplied
Clayton Hayward, CEO of Ukheshe | image supplied

The three-year-old startup, Chipper is the biggest and fastest-growing payment app in Africa offering instant no-fee local and cross-border money transfers, discounted airtime purchase and zero charges on bill payments. With over four million users serving eight countries in Africa and the UK, Chipper's mission is to unlock global opportunities and bring Africa together.

Clayton Hayward, CEO of Ukheshe, says that collaborating with Chipper is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of new solutions th. “Ukheshe’s Eclipse API provides access to payment technology, products and services. The rapid shift towards innovative digital-first solutions is undeniable and we are thrilled to partner with Chipper, a company that shares our vision and enthusiasm for credible, seamless payment solutions.”

Hayward says that the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have further highlighted the need for credible, scalable pan-African fintech solutions. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 57% of Africans do not have access to basic banking, while in sub-Saharan Africa only 37&of women and 48% of men have a bank account.

“The relationship between Ukheshe and Chipper aims to spearhead digital-first fintech solutions made in Africa to broaden access and financial inclusion for those who need it most. Our digital payment solution supports wallet functionality and will offer much-needed simplified payment solutions that allow users to send and receive cross-border payments safely, quickly, and efficiently.”

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