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Talking 5G with Avishai Sharlin, president of Amdocs Technology

5G has caused quite a stir in the past few months. Its rollout and implementation have made many link it with the emergence with Covid-19. To blame 5G on Covid-19 is backwards, as this technology could fight the pandemic in ways most of us don't yet comprehend. This is why it's important to understand what 5G really is and its importance for businesses.
Avishai Sharlin
Avishai Sharlin

I spoke with Avishai Sharlin, division president of Amdocs Technology, to gain insight into 5G and its upcoming role in our lives. He provides information on what 5G can achieve and how it will play a pivotal role in digital transformation.

Because of 5G’s speed, a lot can be achieved. What are some of the positive things that 5G can do for businesses and essentially our economy?

5G opens a world of possibilities for new services. With the network having enhanced capabilities in throughput, latency, density and many other parameters, unique applications can be brought to market.

This is a similar evolution the public cloud went through over the last 10-15 years. 5G will empower new applications for businesses and consumers alike. From factory automation, industry 4.0, connected cars/schools/healthcare, AR/VR, smart cities and many more.

Digital transformation is now more than ever happening at a rapid pace. How can 5G play a part in this transformation and is it possible that 5G will lead this revolution in the near future?

5G is the next step of the digital transformation. As customers are used to real-time, on-demand, transparent experiences – they will also expect new and enhanced experiences.

The new world of applications and services leveraging the 5G network, will be consumed in the new digital way which has become the default for customers.

One-click ordering, immediate activation, paying peruse and having a world of possibilities available to the customers - enterprise or consumers.

Through 5G, what should service providers focus on to resonate with consumers during the pandemic?

Covid19 has proven that communication has become a critical infrastructure. We do everything remotely. 5G will enhance these 'remote capabilities' and enable us to take them on the go.

Communications service providers (CSPs) should focus on available 5G use cases that are most appealing to customers, e.g. boosting remote education or e-health, enabling innovative multi-player games, advanced work from home packages, and more.

While some can already be done today with 4G, CSPs can start with them, and augment them as 5G rolls out.

Other than conspiracy theories, what else can 5G potentially negatively affect?

Any technology came with concerns. From first cars, to TV, through to the internet, cloud computing and more.

We strongly believe that 5G will be a wide ecosystem encompassing previous technologies with enhanced connectivity and many partners improving our lives in many aspects.

Regulation and business forces will balance as has happened in previous technology generations for an overall improvement to society.

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