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Edureka makes it possible to get a machine learning degree online

The business of online learning has been absolutely exploding in the past several years, with growth of as much as 300% over a three-year span in the last decade. Innumerable new companies and entrepreneurs are jumping into the foray with new (or tried and true) business models and learning opportunities. For new both new and seasoned software engineers and data scientists, the demand for online learning portals as a primary or supplementary learning tool has never been higher. One of the standout companies poised to jump to the forefront of the online learning field is Edureka, an Indian tech company that aims to vastly improve and expand upon the preexisting online learning methodology.

Edureka’s strategy is to offer high-quality courses in a variety of focuses aimed mainly at computing and data science, helping both to recruit and train prospective new engineers and keep existing workers up to date on the newest methodologies. They do this by offering courses in a diversity of formats, including live lecture sessions, real-time student-teacher feedback sessions, online coursework and course materials, and a bevy of support options for students. It’s a formidable strategy, and has already returned impressive results. The company’s growth has been exploding, and in 2014 it was named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 at number ten as the fastest-growing online education company in the list with a growth rate nearing 3000%.

There are no signs of the company slowing down, either. Just a few months ago, Edureka announced a new program offering a Master’s Degree in Machine Learning. The new program aims to help the software engineer workforce stay current with trending improvements and changes in the industry, and machine learning is largely becoming indispensable to any data-focused company trying to stay relevant and competitive in the modern era. Machine learning is the proverbial engine that provides power and innovation algorithms that power discovery and data collection for today’s biggest tech firms. It helps media companies like Netflix and Spotify decide what to recommend for their customers, and enables the statistical science behind new technology like facial recognition to provide accurate and reliable results, in addition to a list of benefits to the data science sector too long to mention individually here.

If it sounds daunting, it is; mastery of machine learning requires discipline, skill, dedication, and most importantly, education. How does Edureka plan to accommodate the needs of learners attempting to dive in to such a demanding and intimidating field of study? The answer is, as always, a high quality of service and dedication to the needs of the students. The company’s machine learning Master’s program, impressively, has no pre-requisite requirements, and can be completed in as little as seven months. Its courses are both live-lecture format and self-paced, meaning students can take their time to digest and process the information they’ve learned before diving ahead. The program also includes projects and capstone coursework, meaning graduates will have a portfolio to demonstrate their skills to potential future employers. It’s an exciting step forward for a company that shows no signs of slowing down.

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