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Ewseta and Chieta partner in R10m green hydrogen bursary fund

Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (Ewseta) and the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (Chieta) have partnered in a R10m, two-year Green Hydrogen Bursary Fund aimed at providing women and youth with the skills and opportunities needed to excel in the hydrogen economy.
Yershen Pillay, Chieta CEO, and Mpho Mookapele, Ewseta CEO. Source: Supplied
Yershen Pillay, Chieta CEO, and Mpho Mookapele, Ewseta CEO. Source: Supplied

The Setas signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) committed to fostering collaboration in research and development programmes, skills training initiatives, and the implementation of future-oriented qualifications.

The MoU sets a solid foundation for joint efforts in digitisation, innovation, and economic reconstruction, ensuring a just transition to sustainable practices for a hydrogen economy.

“By focusing on rural communities along the hydrogen corridor, where talent often goes untapped, this bursary fund aims to break down barriers and create a more equitable and prosperous and inclusive future for all,” says Mpho Mookapele, Ewseta’s CEO.

This bursary fund will also offer mentorship and networking opportunities to ensure long-term success and career advancement as well as drive skills development, innovation, and inclusive growth in the energy, water, and chemical sectors.

The partners have recognised the historical barriers and lack of opportunities faced by women and youth and will ensure that this opportunity creates meaningful inclusion and community upliftment and aligns with the broader national objectives of promoting gender equality, youth empowerment, and sustainable economic development.

By pooling their expertise, resources, and networks, both organisations will contribute to research and development efforts that enhance knowledge, advance technology, and drive competitiveness in the energy and chemical sectors.

The MoU also signifies a shared vision of creating a just transition and harnessing the potential of hydrogen as a clean, flexible, and sustainable energy carrier.

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