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Yahoo! comes to South Africa

Gadget.co.za reports that Yahoo! has announced the launch of a new Yahoo! homepage, new Yahoo! Mail and a new Yahoo! News offering for South Africa. This provides Yahoo!'s 2.6 million South African users with South African news, sport and entertainment content together with the best of Yahoo!'s international media services.
Now advertisers can launch their campaigns across Yahoo!'s footprint in a consistent brand environment - and in a matter of hours.

Yahoo! reaches nearly two in every five South Africans online and, with the total internet population growing at about 20% a year; South Africa is a fast growing internet market with a big opportunity for advertisers seeking to reach audiences online. A digital advertising spend that is approximately 2% of the total spend offers an opportunity for advertisers to reach a rapidly growing audience online in a highly measurable way.

Matt West, director content partners and expansion markets for Yahoo!, said: "This is a great opportunity for Yahoo! to (offer) its existing and new users in South Africa the best of Yahoo!'s services and content alongside great local content." This, West told Gadget.co.za, is a first step - there's more to come. Internet users are coming rapidly online and Yahoo!'s unique content positions it well to work with advertisers and agencies in the ever-expanding online advertising market in South Africa.

Read the full article on www.gadget.co.za.
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