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Rolling into the future with Ninebot One

Imperial Green Mobility has glided into the next generation with the introduction of Ninebot ONE, a curiously cool walking and running 'robot' that's as intelligent savvy as it is fashionably futuristic. The exclusive Ninebot ONE is set to take South Africa by storm and revolutionise the way today's youth sees personal transport.

Ninebot ONE is an electric eco-friendly space age device that'll see you waving goodbye to the crowds and enjoying the freedom and pleasure of being master of your world. The Ninebot ONE is the perfect blend of science and technology - with all the added cool gadgets and tools needed for the perfect glide. It's all about thinking green and travelling smart.

A green adventure

Already a global phenomenon, the Ninebot ONE - which can go a maximum speed of 18 km/h - is kind of like a super-refinement of the skateboard - but not quite! Sort of like a giant coloured shell on steroids - but not exactly! In fact, Ninebot ONE is unlike anything you've ever seen, or ridden before.

"The Ninebot ONE was first introduced globally in 2014 after months of research and development to ensure a quality product," says Jonathan Cowen of Imperial Green Mobility. "There are other models already in the country but ours is the next generation. Once people step onto the Ninebot ONE there is no going back. We believe that electric transportation is the way of the future and the Ninebot One is the next step in the green mobility generation of personal transporters. It boasts no emissions nor does it use any fossil fuels for the greenest adventure ever."

Sturdy, strong and safe

Made from top high-pressure magnesium used in the alloy frame and pedal, the Ninebot ONE is sturdy and strong. It's also super safe. In addition to being skid resistant, it boasts a triple safety alarm including a sound, light and vibration that will emit to ensure a safe driving experience. The alarm will be triggered by speeding, over leaning, low power, internal malfunction and overheating. The Ninebot ONE's electrical system is fully sealed and safe to use in inclement weather (Capetonians can smile). The unit is also easy to clean with a simple spray down.

Additional features include a 16 inch ultra-thin powerful brushless motor with Ninebot sine wave frequency conversion technology, an instrument dashboard and customisable light setting and remote firmware updating. A noteworthy benefit of the Ninebot ONE's modular design is that it allows riders to disassemble and replace components on their own - even those with little to no DIY skills.

A bot for every mood

Shells come with tens of thousands of colours choices - with various colour kits available - so you can change your hue to suit your mood. A Ninedroid 2.0 App will also be available in Apple store and Android Market soon so you can download information and keep track of where you are, at any given time and in any given location.

"Imperial Green Mobility continues to inspire through innovative transportation products and solutions, with a goal to create a simpler more sustainable future," says Cohen. "The Ninebot ONE has all the makings needed to revolutionise the transport industry. There is no reason why it cannot one day become an alternative to conventional transport and help with inner city congestion. As it is portable it can be taken on public transport, used to get you to the public transport stop and to complete the journey after alighting from your chosen form of public transport."

The Ninebot One is available online through Imperial Green and will be available at retail outlets soon.
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