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#WomensMonth: Always remember you've earned your position, says Peregrine's Bianca Botes

If she could go back and give advice to her younger self, Bianca Botes, executive director at Peregrine Treasury Solutions, says it would be to stop doubting herself, because everything she needs to be successful is already inside her.
Bianca Botes, executive director, Peregrine Treasury Solutions
“As a young woman, it is important to be able to be assertive while maintaining good relationships with your colleagues. Always remember that you earned your position just as the person next to you did, so never question your ability to excel. Learn as much as you can from those around you, be patient, do the work, and the rest will follow,” she says.
Knowledge is the one thing no one can ever take away from you

At 29, Botes considers herself to be passionate and driven and loves the ever-changing environment of her job. “No two days in the currency markets are ever the same. I also enjoy working with a wide variety of clients, as it provides me with insights into different industries and business environments.”

Her work day usually starts at around 4:30am when she writes a short morning market commentary, followed by an outdoor run and some good coffee. “I tend to be behind my computer by around 7:30am to make sure I am ahead of the day’s tasks and requirements. My day largely consists of engaging with clients on market movements and hedging strategies.”

She says the biggest challenge in the industry remains education. “So many consumers lack the information and knowledge of how many of the markets and systems work, and they often lose out as a result. It is important not only to provide clients with the best solution and service, but also ensure that they understand why it is the best, and why other solutions would be less effective.”

Just as in most other industries, technology is becoming more prevalent and important. However, in advisory businesses the human component and interpersonal relationships can never be underestimated, Botes says.

In her spare time, she loves staying active, besides her daily run, Botes weight trains five days a week. She also enjoys sharing a glass of red wine with her inner circle, and reading. “I will read anything you hand me, as long as it challenges my views and opinions on a matter.”

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