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FNB named Africa & SA's best SME bank

Recognised as the bank that best meets the specialised needs of SME in South Africa and on the continent, the Global Finance's inaugural SME Bank Awards has named FNB as the Best SME Bank in South Africa and Africa.
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The criteria for Best SME Bank is based on knowledge of SME markets and needs, breadth of products and services, market standing, and innovation.

"To be awarded as the Best SME Bank in South Africa and Africa is truly humbling and affirms our commitment to empowering SMEs to continue playing a meaningful role in economies across our continent,” says Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO.

“Over the course of the pandemic, we have accelerated investment in our digital platform to ensure that our commercial and retail clients can overcome operational and financial constraints caused by the global pandemic.

“As the global economy gradually re-opens, we remain on hand to help our clients to regain economic activity in all areas where we operate," he adds.

Supporting clients’ needs

The recent accolade comes shortly after FNB was acknowledged as the Best Bank for Women Entrepreneurs as well as the SME Bank of the Year at last year’s Global SME Finance Forum.

Gordon Little, FNB Commercial CEO believes that the accolades attest to the bank’s ongoing endeavours to better understand and provide solutions for thier clients’ needs.

“Our strategy is underpinned by a myriad of initiatives to support businesses throughout their life stages and unique context.

“As a result, we are also expanding our presence in the local markets, which is where many SMEs operate, to help address the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in areas where they operate,” he says.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

"As we commemorate Global Entrepreneurship Week, we remain committed to finding ways to continue helping, supporting and growing entrepreneurs.
“We do this through our platform and partnerships to enable access to financial tools and advisory services," says Little.

“As such, we have a range of educational materials on our digital platform where SMEs can access information that helps them with incubation, starting, running, and growing their enterprises," he adds.

In 2019, the Bank introduced its Fundaba programme to provide free interactive entrepreneurial e-learning via the FNB App.

Fundaba comprises videos, podcasts, quizzes, templates, and tools for clients to learn about entrepreneurship and running a business.

Recently, FNB also announced a phased roll-out of innovative solutions for SME, such as creating a cost-effective e-commerce platform and its new Android point-of-sale devices.

The solutions will offer businesses access to cutting-edge innovation to meet the changing needs of their clients says the bank.

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