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Pick n Pay expands range of reusable shopping bags

Pick n Pay is trialling an environmentally-friendly R5 bag as an affordable reusable alternative to plastic carrier bags. The new budget bag is made from green recycled plastic bottles and will initially be introduced in 22 stores across the country to gauge customer reaction.

Pick n Pay's new R5 budget bag.
The retailer introduced a reusable bag in 2003 and has since offered shoppers a number of alternatives, including cotton and RPET bags. “More recently we’ve trialled new alternatives, such as paper bags and cardboard boxes. But the reality is that for the time being, the plastic carrier bag remains the most economical bag option for customers – despite the growing options available," says Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, director of transformation: Pick n Pay.

“We believe our new R5 reusable bag could be a viable reusable bag option for many more customers, across all income groups,” she adds.

Reusable produce bags

The grocery retailer has also started a trial with a reusable netted fruit and vegetable fresh produce bag (R7,50) in a further effort to discourage unnecessary plastic bag usage.

Suzanne Ackerman-Berman with the new reusable fruit and veg bags.

Launched in five stores across the Western Cape at the end of December, overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers will see the retailer expand the trial to include more stores across the region, Durban North Hypermarket and five stores in Namibia by mid-February.

Customers can now also bring their own transparent and sealable reusable bag in-store for loose selling produce.
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