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    Jomba! Dance Experience submissions open

    The 24th edition of the University of KwaZulu-Natal's Centre for Creative Arts Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience and festival is now open for submissions.
    Image supplied: Tyra Peterson and Sasha Fourie of Smudgscreen
    Image supplied: Tyra Peterson and Sasha Fourie of Smudgscreen

    Jomba! and the festival will host both live and online events in a unique blended festival format. Submissions are open for the two public access platforms for 2022: the Jomba! Open Horizons (formerly the Jomba! Fringe) and the Jomba! Youth Open Horizons (formerly the Jomba! Youth Fringe).

    Open Horizons

    The Jomba! Open Horizons will continue as a digital event in 2022 providing an opportunity for dance makers to present their digital/dance film work for showcasing.
    Focus is being placed on looking at the intersection of dance and film and the growing body of digital-dance choreography. Jomba! is opening submissions in both long and short form. Submissions are invited from African dance-makers whether on the continent or living in the Diaspora.

    The top eight long-form films will be screened, followed by the announcement of the top three in both the long and short form categories, which comes with cash prizes: Long form: 1st: R3,500, 2nd: R2,500, 3rd: R1,500 and for short-form: 1st: R2,000, 2nd R1,500, and 3rd: R1,000. All short-form films will be available to view with low data usage, on YouTube and Facebook.

    Youth Open Horizon

    The Jomba! Youth Open Horizon will be offered as a live event at Jomba! and submissions to participate are open to any youth dance group – in any style of dance – with dancers under the age of 16. The Festival is open to Pantsula, Hip-Hop, Bharatha Natyam, Ballet, Contemporary, Ngoma and more.

    This is a day of celebrating youth dance in KwaZulu-Natal and of opening arms to a dancing community. Jomba! will supply a small lunch snack to all dancers participating. All criteria and information about submissions as well as online application forms can be found here.

    Image supplied: Carrick Keating and Kagiso Masinda's Fenya
    Image supplied: Carrick Keating and Kagiso Masinda's Fenya

    Submission closes for both the Jomba! Open Horizons and Jomba! Youth Open Horizons on 8 July 2022 at 5pm SAST.

    The Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience runs from 30 August to 11 September 2022.

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