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Disney on Ice presents Worlds Of Fantasy

We all had our favourite Disney characters when we were younger and, even now, when a child is watching it on television we can't help but stop and reminisce for a few minutes. Well Disney on Ice and the CTICC have brought these characters to life. I know it's meant for children, but there's definitely something in it for the adults as well. There's something magical about the nostalgia that it summons in us.
I was lucky to be able to go with my sister (who is nine) and watch her face light up as Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck came skating out, larger than life, which was priceless. The costumes were amazing and it literally looked like they had been taken straight out of a Disney movie and onto the ice. The audience is taken on a journey through a race from Cars, down under the sea with Aerial and Sebastian, into pixie hollow with Tinkerbell and, finally, to escape with the gang from Toy Story. The show is the perfect length and will have adults wanting more, but the children won't get bored.

A perfect show

I must warn you though, it is very expensive for popcorn, juice and Disney paraphernalia, but don't let this stop you from enjoying a perfect show. It is amazing to see the performers, with huge costumes on, skating across the ice as though they haven't a care in the world. I can honestly say that you'll have to remind yourself every now and then that they are actually on ice skates.

Unfortunately, the run has now ended. As a side note, if you have a look around Cape Town there are many brilliant childrens' productions on at the moment. (So if the kids are running riot for the last week of the school holidays, take them to the CTICC, Artscape or Baxter to see their favourite fictional characters come to life.)



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