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A Jewish Italian walks into a therapist's office ...

My mother's Italian, my father's Jewish and I'm in therapy. Wait, that's not me. So what was I doing watching an 80-minute show about a man for whom this was true? Laughing my butt off, that's what!

Leading South African actor Michael Richard really brings energy to this one-man production, inspired by Steve Solomon's crazy family's successful attempts to drive him to a shrink. (The New York production won the Audience Award for Favourite New Off-Broadway Play of 2007.) He also manages to switch quickly between all the characters, young and old, as he chronicles the fights with the in-laws, his ex-wife's pregnant rants, as well as the ups and downs of growing old.

A Jewish Italian walks into a therapist's office ...
A Jewish Italian walks into a therapist's office ...

Such a good laugh

It doesn't matter if you aren't Jewish or Italian; simply having a crazy family (we all do) makes it easy to relate to the humour. Some of the jokes about the rules for kosher food might go over your head as they went over mine, but there is more than enough for everyone to understand. It's been a while since I had such a good laugh.

This production, directed by Charmaine Weir-Smith with set design by Wilhelm Disbergen and lighting by Jane Gosnel, is showing at Cape Town's Theatre on the Bay until 10 March, 2012. Tickets start at R80 (much cheaper than a visit to the shrink!) and there are a number of discounts available.

Book at or call +27 (0)21 438 3300.

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