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#LandExpropriation: Vumelana calls for CPI participation in property clause review

The Vumelana Advisory Fund is appealing to communal property institutions (CPIs), community leaders, commercial partners and investors and other intended beneficiaries of the land reform programme to engage government through written and oral submissions to the Joint Constitutional Review Committee.
Peter Setou, chief executive, Vumelana Advisory Fund

The committee recently called for public submissions on the review of section 25 of the Constitution (property clause) and other sections where necessary, to make it possible for the state to expropriate land without compensation in the public interest.

“Given the importance of land reform for these key players, it is crucial for communities and CPIs in particular to understand the value of their involvement and the impact that their voice will have within these discussions and that their experiences can help put a sharp focus on current challenges and concerns within the land reform programme, including possible solutions,” says Peter Setou, chief executive of the Vumelana Advisory Fund.

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Dimensions of land reform

“It is also critical to acknowledge that land reform has different dimensions. It has urban and rural dimensions and involves more than just the agriculture sectors as there are other sectors such as tourism as an example. Land reform in South Africa is further implemented via different programmes namely land redistribution, restitution and tenure reform, and each programme has its own dynamics. All of this has to be taken into account in developing and implementing interventions,” notes Setou.

The public hearing process on the expropriation of land without compensation is scheduled to begin on 8 May in Limpopo. All written submissions must be made by Thursday, 31 May 2018. Parties that wish to make oral submissions must contact Pat Jayiya at .

Call for submissions on land expropriation without compensation

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee, set up to review Section 25 of the Constitution to make it possible for the state to expropriate land without compensation, has called for written public submissions...

16 Apr 2018

Vumelana Advisory Fund is a non-profit organisation that helps beneficiaries of the land reform programme to develop their land in an effective and sustainable way.
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