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Pnet supports local women's charity in honour of Women's Month

Pnet, South Africa's leading online recruitment platform, is marking a significant occasion during Women's Month by celebrating the progress towards gender equality and women empowerment. The company pays homage to the unwavering dedication and sacrifices of courageous women throughout the nation's history and within its own organisation. This celebration is underscored by Pnet's commitment to cultivating inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.
Pnet supports local women's charity in honour of Women's Month

Harnessing Pnet's access to data and insightful analytics, the country's leading online recruitment platform casts a revealing light on the evolving landscape of women in the job market. The following compelling statistics unveil intriguing insights:

  • According to our data, an impressive 51% of applicants within the Health, Safety & Environment sector are young women aged up to 34. This highlights the active participation of young women in this critical sector, demonstrating their growing influence and presence.

  • Furthermore, the statistics indicate that young women in the same age group constitute 23% of overall job seekers who possess tertiary qualifications. This underscores the dedication of these women to furthering their education and skill set, positioning themselves as strong contenders in the competitive job market.

  • The data also reveals an encouraging trend – an increase in the number of young females pursuing qualifications in traditionally male-dominated fields. This rise exemplifies a collective commitment to shattering the glass ceiling and advancing women into influential and decision-making roles across various industries.

These enlightening statistics not only offer valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the job market but also serve as a catalyst for maintaining an environment of diversity, empowerment, and progress.

As part of its Women's Month commemoration, Pnet has contributed R25,000 to Sparrow Society, a local women's charity. This impactful donation was made on behalf of the outstanding 105 women who contribute to Pnet's success. The funds will directly support two vital job creation initiatives led by Sparrow Society: a youth internship programme and an endeavour aimed at providing employment opportunities for survivors of gender-based violence.

Sparrow Society is a local charity focused on skills development, job creation, and enterprise development for women. The organisation's efforts are geared towards equipping women with the tools they need to succeed, fostering female entrepreneurship, and promoting empowerment within the community. Over 90% of the charity's beneficiaries are women, making it a crucial force for positive change.

South Africa's Women's Day, dated back to 9 August 1956, commemorates a historic march to Pretoria's Union Buildings. Over 20,000 women from diverse racial backgrounds united against the apartheid government's discriminatory pass laws. This monumental event remains a timeless testament to the dedication and sacrifices made by these resilient women, who played a pivotal role in shaping a more just nation.

In the realm of recruitment, it is imperative to acknowledge and honour the contributions of women while recognising the hurdles they continue to surmount. This celebration renews the commitment to eradicating barriers and nurturing equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender. Greig Smith, managing director at Pnet, extends his heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional women propelling progress in this field: "To all the exceptional women in our recruitment community, your contributions are immeasurable and deeply cherished. Thank you for your daily dedication!"

By supporting initiatives led by organisations like Sparrow Society, Pnet reinforces its dedication to fostering a more equitable society and creating opportunities for women to flourish both personally and professionally.

Pnet's recruitment platform uses smart-matching technology to connect the right candidates to the right vacancies at the right time. Part of the global StepStone Group, Pnet offers end-to-end recruitment solutions.
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