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ACTOM Industry breaks into Ghanaian gold mining market

ACTOM Industry has finally made headway into Ghana's gold mining market. Late last year, the company secured a crucial contract to upgrade the drive and control system of a man-winder at a gold mine in the country. This mine is part of a collection of gold mining operations in Ghana, all of which are owned and operated by a prominent international gold mining company.
ACTOM Industry breaks into Ghanaian gold mining market

This breakthrough marks a significant milestone for ACTOM Industry in its ongoing efforts to establish a strong presence in the Ghanaian gold mining sector.

“We view this contract as a substantial ground-breaking achievement for us, as we’ve been selected to replace original equipment manufactured and supplied by an OEM not in any way connected with us,” commented Janna Kapp, ACTOM Industry’s general manager.

“In most of our mine winder drive and control system contracts, we are responsible for the design, assembly, supply, installation and commissioning of each system ordered, but in this instance, due to various regulations prevailing in Ghana that render it unworkable to have us participate in any of the on-site work involved, we had to negotiate a project plan with the client which would allow us to deliver and execute the project without undue risk to either party.”

The project is due in 2024

The contract, due for completion in the first quarter of 2024, is for the replacement of the aging and outdated existing Ward-Leonard motor-generator set and associated electrical and control systems with a thyristor converter DC system which regulates the DC voltage onto the retained 2,635kW motor.

Other equipment that forms part of the new system includes transformers, switchgear and a safety and control system.

“Our system is more efficient, less expensive and less maintenance-intensive than the legacy system it replaces,” conludes Janna.

“Now that we have succeeded in winning this important winder upgrade contract in Ghana, we believe we stand a good chance of being awarded further winder drive and control upgrade contracts for some of the other operations there soon.”

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