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Ipsos launches its new creative assessment solution - Creative|Spark on Ipsos.Digital Platform in South Africa

Ipsos announces the launch of Creative|Spark, its new online solution to evaluate video creative in South Africa, which enables faster, better creative decisions to deliver business impact.

Creative Spark hits our shores at just the right time for brands to be refocussing on their communication plans with South Africa’s lockdown subsiding and economy opening again.

In this climate, effective media spend is crucial and creative assessment before flighting predicts creative performance and allows you to optimise and fine tune it to get the most value for your spend.

Why creative assessment?

As campaigns get more creative, they get more effective. Creatively-awarded campaigns deliver 11 times the return on investment of non-creatively awarded campaigns.

When developing creative, many brands play it safe by sticking to category conventions. But, most of the time people don’t remember generic ads - cognitive immunity kicks-in – and they are simply ignored.

To be noticed, brands need to be bold. Brands need to capture attention to ignite new and existing memories, to spark new choices and to create brand value. Of course, this requires an understanding of people and creative testing can tell you exactly how your creative will be received in the market.

Creative Spark has also come at a time when the industry has recognised the reality that creative needs to evoke a range of responses to be successful and that research agencies need to provide a greater range of measures to represent this.

What’s different about Creative Spark?

Creative|Spark captures realistic attention metrics in a distracted media environment and observes the reality of how people make choices.

Drawing from multiple science disciplines to measure a unique range of thoughts, feelings and immediate emotions, Creative|Spark provides holistic diagnostics, including sales predictive performance indicators for fast optimisation with key signals of creative potential.

With the design and metrics grounded on behavioural Science, data Science and neurosciences, combined with Text Analytics and Artificial Intelligence supervised Machine Learning algorithms, Creative|Spark provides instant access to learnings embedded in the latest scientific thinking.

It also offers a unique self-service option, where clients are able to log on to our Digital platform and launch their study independently, along with field tracking and an automated report after a few days of fieldwork. There is a range of flexible service options, to fit advertisers timing, budget and business requirements, ranging from simple samples to the more complicated ones representative of our South African market.

Please contact Michele Vrdoljak, Service Line Director Creative Excellence to discuss copy testing requirements.

Find out more in this short video bite:

Ipsos launches its new creative assessment solution - Creative|Spark on Ipsos.Digital Platform in South Africa

About Michele Vrdoljak, Ipsos Creative Excellence Director

Optimising all communication touch points to ensure the best ROI has been central to my role for the past 10 years. This is both prior to launch (ensuring high cut-through, message take-out and call to action), and during in-market media and advertising evaluation.

Having worked in both South Africa and France, I have acquired a vast knowledge of communications in both African (especially SA, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana) and European (most notably France, Russia, Germany and Italy) markets.

I completed a Master of Arts in Research Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand, and have published in international academic journals.

Ipsos is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organisation, providing research services to clients on a global basis. We set ourselves high standards and aim to work collaboratively in partnership with our teams in order to service our clients most effectively.
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