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Daily Vox takes a break to redefine business

The Daily Vox has announced on Twitter that it will be taking a break as it struggles to remain afloat as a business.
Source: © Daily Vox  The Daily Vox is taking a break
Source: © Daily Vox The Daily Vox The Daily Vox is taking a break

The platform was established nine years ago to cater to the youth and people whose voices are not typically heard.

The statement says the platform cannot operate anymore due to feasibility issues, but it hopes to find the next step in its journey to find how it can be true to its community.

The platform describes itself on LinkedIn as: "The Daily Vox aims to put the young citizen at the centre of news. This does not mean we are a team of citizen journalists. Instead, our journalists place people at the centre of the agenda.

"Our reporters seek to find, curate and amplify the voices of young South Africans. Whereas the young are often at the periphery of traditional media, they are our priority.

"Not the officials and the experts but the people – be it in the city centre, the urban peripheries or the rural heartlands. We are an independent media organisation. And we have no affiliation to political parties or candidates."

The platform is one of a number of media platforms that have closed down recently.

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