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Creative Circle results for December 2010

The results of the Creative Circle judging for December 2010 are in and, according to chairperson Neo Mashigo, overall the work is starting to feel the same and nothing really refreshing is out there. He hopes that "our New Year's resolutions will sort that out".
Creative Circle results for December 2010

The entry which took first place in Newspapers until it was withdrawn by KingJames for being placed within the wrong category, explains Creative Circle administrator Arlene Donenberg, was Allan Gray's The Longer the Wait the Greater the Reward "Surfer/Reunion/Braces/Dog".

Bizcommunity confirmed with Paige Nick, KingJames creative head and copywriter on the job, that this entry is a very visible outdoor campaign running at the airport at the moment which was entered in wrong category, thanks to a purely clerical error, and which KingJames will most likely resubmit in the correct category next month.

CategoryDecember 2010
Magazine1. Webber Wentzel/Attorneys "Boxer/Fencer" - Net#work BBDO Joburg
2. First Ascent/Back Packs "Half a Thumb Up" - FoxP2
Newspaper1. Withdrawn by agency
2. Telkom/8.ta "Teaser Press" - McCann Erickson
3. Card "Boerewors/Chicken/Dog Basket" - KingJames
Outdoor1. Brandhouse/Drive Dry "They'd Love to Meet you" - FoxP2
2. Telkom/8.ta "Teaser Outdoor" - McCann Erickson
3. Camp "Tourist/Road Trip/Boarding Message/ Armwrestling/Onboard Entertainment/Power Napes - KingJames
TV/cinema1. Telkom 8.ta "Emoticon Boy" - McCann Erickson
1. Garmin/Fitness "Glory" - Volcano Advertising
2. Brandhouse/Drive Dry "They'd Love to Meet You" - FoxP2
3. Toyota/Hilux "Broken Down/Chest Tattoo/Kitten/Cricket Ball" - Draftfcb Joburg
3. Cadbury/Stimorol Infinity "Neverending Story" - Ogilvy CT
Radio1. Camp "Big Show/Magnificent Men/Cloud Time/Brave Women" - KingJames
2. Webber Wentzel/Attorneys "Salmon/Tightrope Walker/Ice Breaker - Net#work BBDO Joburg
2. Avi/Bakers Mini Cheddars/A Little Cheese "Bond/Complete Me/Freedom/King of the World" - Ogilvy Joburg
Digital1. Brandhouse/Drive Dry "They'd Love to Meet You" - FoxP2/Gloo Digital
2. BP/BPUR 2 "BP Ultimate Ride Unity Game" - Hello Computer

December 2010 judgesOctober-December 2010 digital judges
Neo Mashigo, Draftfcb (chair)Ben Wagner, Native (chair)
Michelle McKenna, OgilvyNicholas Wittenberg, Ogilvy Interactive
Miguel Nunes, TBWA\Hunt\LascarisXolisa Dyeshana, Joe Public
Liam Wielopolski, Y&RMark Tomlinson, Hello Computer
Jade Manning, DDB SADylan McLean, Aqua Online
Sean Harrison, McCannPete Case, Gloo Digital Design
Clint Bechus, Lowe BullAndrea Mitchell, Digivox
Darren Leishman, PenquinEmma Carpenter, Quirk eMarketing
Angie Batis, Net#work BBDO

CategoryDecember 2010 chair comments
GeneralSo this was the last ad of the month for the year and clearly the guy that usually selects what gets entered went on leave and left the PA to choose. So we ended up with okay ads and no one entered their last minute proactive ads for the international awards. There were few entries in all categories except for TV, which was sad but judging had to continue and work had to be awarded. Overall I think the work is starting to feel the same and nothing really refreshing was out there, hopefully our New Year's resolutions will sort that out. Congratulations to all the winners, continue being great!

Neo Ali Mashigo
Amandla Chocolate! Viva Caramel!
Digital2010 didn't exactly end off in a grand finale of dazzling digital creativity. Sadly the entries for the last quarter of the year (October - December) were a limp affair with only a handful of gems amongst them. What was truly shocking to see was the poor quality of work submitted by some of the traditional agencies who up until now had made some strong inroads over some of their more specialised digital counterparts.

A large portion of entries were pretty much topped and tailed print ads with an injection of animated effects to add some "interactivity". Thankfully the judging panel remained resolute in their defense of high standards, and revealed two outstanding pieces of work that were awarded.

First place went to FoxP2/Gloo Digital Design for an ingenious piece of work for Brandhouse/Drive Dry "They'd love to Meet You. The work featured a viral video smartly placed within the photo gallery website. The site is a popular destination for the clubbing and party fraternity who visit the online galleries on a regular basis.

The short video clip cleverly integrated and embedded user party images into the video, which I'm sure created some startling reactions from the audience and served to clearly drive home the message of not driving under the influence of alcohol. The work demonstrates fantastic integration between tradition and interactive agency, together with some astute media placement which created a masterstroke for the client.

Second place went to Hello Computer for BP Ultimate Ride Unity Game. Once again the team at Hello Computer have demonstrated their high level of skill when it comes to creating rich and immersive gaming environments. The game is the sequel to the previous BP Ultimate Ride and really ups the ante from a conceptual, visual and overall user experience perspective. A huge amount of pride went into the craft and countless hours must have been spent in getting the work to the polished experience presented. The game is exploding within the automotive community and it's clear that strong creativity is paying off in spades for both client and agency.

Ben Wagner

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