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Creative Circle results for August, September 2010

The Creative Circle results for August and September 2010 are in, as well as the second quarterly set of Digital Ad of the Month winners (July, August and September 2010). Congratulations to all concerned.

CategorySeptember 2010August 2010
Magazine1. Reel Entertainement "Homer/Lara Craft/Rambo/Raiders/Hulk" - 4DSA (EuroRSCG)1. Jelly Cams/Camera for Kids - No-one would believe you "Monster/Easter Bunny/Fairy" - EuroRSCG
2. Energise/Lithium Batteries "Voting Day" - DDB SA2. Media 24/Die Burger "Babushka Dolls" - Draftfcb Cape Town
3. Kimberley Clark - Huggies - Love the Joyride "Super Dooper/Tunnel Of Love/Doo Doo Doozy/Log Ride/Directional Signs" - Ogilvy Johannesburg
Newspaper1. MWeb/Anti-Spam "MWeb Spam Block" - FoxP21. Independent Newspapers/Eagle Awards "Fairy/Bunny/Unicorn"- KingJames
2. Simba/Peanuts & Raisins "Romeo & Juliet/Tarzan & Jane/Bonnie & Clyde" Net#work BBDO Johannesburg2. VW/Jetta "Retail Ad" - Ogilvy Cape Town
3. Vodacom/Night Shift "Dracula/WereWolf/Zombie - Draftfcb Johannesburg3. Vodacom/Broadband "Page 3 Sport" - Draftfcb Johannesburg
Outdoor1. Pulp Books/Pulp "Read Yourself Interesting" - Lowe Bull Johannesburg1. Exclusive Books/Abridged Classics "Moby Dick/Black Beauty/Dracula" - Ogilvy Johannesburg
2. Old Mutual "Do Great Things" - Draftfcb Johannesburg2. Ogilvy Cape Town "Dream Bubble" - Ogilvy Cape Town
3. Standard Bank/Grahamstown Festival "The Instrumental Board" - TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg3. Die Burger/Mobi Site "Droogte/Mors/Vulkaan/Olieramp" - Draftfcb Cape Town
TV/cinema1. McDonald's/New McWings & New Crispy Spicy Burger "Stuck Together" - DDB SA1. Simba/What's Your Lekker Flavour Campaign - Net#work BBDO Johannesburg
2. Avril Elizabeth Home "Jumbled" - JWT Johannesburg2. Netflorist "Andromeda" - Draftfcb Johannesburg
3. Nando's/Value Meal "Bhut' Madlisa" - Black River FC3. SAA "Flag" - Brand Activation
Radio1. Nando's/Value Meal "Gravy Train" - Black River FC1. Toyota/Egte Onderdele "Oorrspronklike/Ggggoedkoop" - Draftfcb Johannesburg
2. McDonald's/New McWings & Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger "Something for Everyone Campaign " - DDB SA2. Toyota/Prado "Ongeskikte Parkering" - Draftfcb Johannesburg
2. AA Insurance "Memory" - Net#work BBDO Johannesburg
Experiential1. Cape Town Book Fair/Where the Story Begins - Original Blockbuster - TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Cape Town
2. NSRI "Help Save Lives" - Ogilvy Cape Town
3. Ditsone Museum of Military History "Get a New Perspective on History - Ireland-Davenport
3. Exclusive Books/Noseweek "Stirrers" - Ogilvy Johannesburg
Digital1. Magic Moments FC Campaign - Gloo Digital Design & Joe Public
2. Vodacom Business/Hosted Services "Nowology" - Mesh
3. Lexus "Comparison Campaign" - Stonewall+

September 2010 judgesAugust 2010 judgesJuly/August/September 2010 digital judges
Gareth Lessing, DDB SA (chair)Brett Morris, Draftfcb (chair)Pete Case, Gloo Digital Design
Tian van den Heever DraftfcbVanessa Gibson, TBWA\Hunt\LascarisNicholas Wittenberg, Ogilvy Interactive Cape Town
Nadja Lossgott, TBWA\Hunt\LascarisPeter Little, OgilvyDylan McLean, Aqua
Greg Cameron, Brand ActivationBrad Reily, The Jupiter Drawing RoomBrent Singer, Net#work BBDO Johannesburg
Tammy, MetropolitanRepublicJacques Shalom, Cross ColoursEmma Carpenter, Quirk eMarketing
Alison Stansfield, Y&RNicole Binikos, DDB SAMark Tomlinson, HelloComputer
Chris Charoux, Lowe BullAadil Dhalech, Hello WorldAndrea Mitchell, digiVox
Erin Brooks, GreyGlenn Jeffery, VolcanoAndy Ellis, Stonewall
Liam Olding, Net#work BBDO Byron Liatos, Net#work BBDO
James Winder, Ireland Davenport

CategorySeptember 2010 chair commentsAugust 2010 chair comments
GeneralSo the jury decided to change the title this month from Ad of the Month to Bad of the Month. It was bad, but not without hope here and there. There were some pieces that definitely stood head and shoulders above the rest. But seriously, I think because the entry fee is only R150.00 we chuck any old crap in, hoping it is a thin month and we will pick up something. And I am no exception. But this I will no longer do as it is rather embarrassing when you actually see your cheap shot up in front of everyone to judge. The down side of this is that we have to choose winners. We are forced to put work through that is not really of a good standard so please note that not all the work awarded is to be seen as the bar.

Overall, every category was very thin and, as mentioned, weak. The first places were well-deserved. Nuff said. Look at the work!
Slim pickings in certain categories and the judges were at pains to point out that they had to be really generous to find a winner in some cases. But this is Ad of the Month, after all, so we are really looking for the best ads of the month. The Ad of the Year judges are sure to weed out the undesirables, so fear not.
MagazineAlso a small category but worthy winners (at least nothing that the Ad of the Year judges would object to).
NewspaperOne of the stronger categories. The beautifully crafted Eagles campaign obviously struck a chord.
OutdoorA small category but the good stuff came through. Posters in the main and some questions around small copy on a poster (will we never learn?) but we gave them the benefit of the doubt that the audience would have had ample time to pore over them in situ.
TV/cinemaNot the strongest month but certainly the best of a limited bunch.
RadioA large gap separating the winners from the rest, so the judges felt strongly that only the top two should go through.
ExperientialAlways an interesting category to judge; pity about some of the full-length feature film entry videos. Time to enforce a standardised entry system. Some nice ideas winning through, though. It was felt that, even though some of the mechanisms may have been used before, they were given a fresh new spin.
DigitalComments from Ben Wagner, digital chair: This quarter's submission numbers were dramatically down... and I think this is largely based on the Loeries rush, which resulted in such a large amount of entries previously. Curiously, with The Bookmark Awards around the corner, I was expecting more work than the 15 or so entries received. The quality of the entries seemed lower overall and there seemed to be the feeling that agencies were clearing out pretty much anything to get into this quarter's entries, a sentiment shared amongst most of the panel members.

Nevertheless, we have our winners for the July - September period and what was very evident this time around was that strong conceptual thinking is definitely being rewarded, and ruthlessly so.

Top spot goes to Gloo with their Magic Moments FC campaign that offers a hilarious view into a motley crew of footballers who surprise and delight their audience with their talents (or is that lack of?) in recreating famous world cup goals. The campaign is well thought through, is extremely entertaining and humorous, and backed by great attention to detail in pulling all campaign elements through.

Second place goes to Mesh, who again have had a strong showing with a highly strategic conceptual piece for Vodacom Business that introduces us to Mike Lipschitz, a shameless schmoozy, spoofy motivational speaker who reminds one of David Brent from The Office series. The campaign is designed with hideous intent and offers insight into Mike's "Nowology" methodology, whilst pairing users with an introduction to a seminar which is in fact a launch function for Vodacom Business.

Third place goes to Stonewall+/Draftfcb, who collaborated on a contentious online campaign for Lexus that uses clever creative elements in comparing the fact that Lexus buyers don't pay for optional extras [as with] other famous automotive marques. The campaign cleverly exploited social media channels and certainly made a tremendous impact in the short space of time the campaign ran before it was invariably pulled.

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Creative Circle results for August, September 2010

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