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Sowetan turns 25 today

Celebrating 25 years at the frontier of black publishing in South Africa, the iconic Sowetan newspaper turns 25 today. This historic paper with an indomitable spirit was affectionately named after the place whose struggles gave it a moral compass: Soweto.
For the Sowetan, Soweto, the place, is therefore not merely a geographical location but it is also a metaphor for black life and experience. With this as the brand's foundation, the newspaper took on the responsibility of being an active participant in the communities that it served. The ethos of nation building that is alive and well today bears testimony to this.

Sowetan delivers a quality read for 1.6 million readers daily, and it is this brand credibility and quality editorial environment that makes Sowetan unique in SA's competitive tabloid market.
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Sowetan -
I am very dissappointed with the direction Sowetan is going. Its good that it celebrating 25 years, i hope it sinks in the minds of Johnnic, that Sowetan , which was the shinning star for these 25 years, is not shinning anymore.Take it from an avid reader, its not looking good at all.
Posted on 3 Feb 2006 07:46
Jos Kuper
Happy birthday-
May you continue to leave your special mark on the SA newspaper scene.
Posted on 3 Feb 2006 08:14