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South Africans must be healthier for universal healthcare to succeed

Achieving a healthy population isn't easy for any country - rich or poor. One of the approaches that's gained traction over the past two decades is preventative care through health promotion...

By Jane Simmonds & Charles Parry 8 Jul 2020

Coronavirus pandemic holds lessons for South Africa's universal healthcare plans

The National Health Insurance (NHI) has become an idealistic concept known as "imaginary". It's become the idea onto which all South Africa's aspirations for healthcare have been projected...

By Steve Reid 18 May 2020

What is our right to health?

The public health crisis resulting from Covid-19 has not only turned the spotlight on the basic human right of access to healthcare, but also on the need for people to take personal responsibility for their health...

5 May 2020

NHI implementation hinges on systems integrator, not technology

Just how the National Healthcare Insurance (NHI) fund will be implemented is a major cause for concern in the healthcare industry...

By Kumar Utpal 21 Apr 2020

What NHI might look like for the average South African

The NHI Bill will drive a major strengthening of community-based, primary healthcare and reduces that unnecessary hospital-based care that currently wastes so many resources in both the private and public sectors...

By Brian Ruff 20 Feb 2020

#BestofBiz 2019: Healthcare

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2019 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views...

17 Dec 2019

Heading towards value-based care

Accessible and quality healthcare is a pillar of sustainable development and global security. The principle behind this is that no one should fall into poverty because they get sick and need healthcare...

17 Dec 2019

How South Africa can build a child-centred healthcare system

It is more than 20 years since the South African constitution first guaranteed children's "right to basic healthcare services"...

By Maylene Shung-King 12 Dec 2019

Sama makes NHI submission to Parliament

While the South African Medical Association (Sama) is in support of the principles of universal health coverage and quality care for all, it has not been able to support the 2019 NHI Bill in its current format...

10 Dec 2019

NHI will be rolled out at a pace affordable for SA

The current macro-economic outlook and constrained fiscal environment means that Implementing National Health Insurance (NHI) is likely to take longer than originally planned...

29 Nov 2019

When you have a pain in the neck or back

Back pain is a common problem - 80% of us will experience an episode at some point in our lives. It is associated with many factors that vary from person to person...

Issued by Bonitas 26 Nov 2019

How a lack of competition in South Africa's private health sector hurts consumers

An extensive inquiry into South Africa's health market was recently concluded - the first ever process in the country that involved gathering evidence and then studying the private healthcare market from the perspective of competition and competition law...

1 Nov 2019

#MTBPS2019: Price of NHI goes up by R33bn

The National Health Insurance (NHI) rollout will require an extra R33bn annually from the 2025/26 financial year...

31 Oct 2019

Foremost health quality and safety conference for Cape Town

As better methods for providing safe and efficient health service delivery occupy much of the political debate, it is timely that the world's largest conference on such matters will be in Cape Town from 20 to 23 October...

Issued by COHSASA 17 Oct 2019

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