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Traffic congestion reconsidered

Despite efforts to encourage a shift to sustainable transportation, traffic congestion is often the focus of debates over mobility. Motorists endlessly demand more roads, but is this really a solution?

3 Jun 2019


TPConnects launches IATA NDC-based SaaS software for global travel agents

TPConnects SaaS-based solution addresses the current problem of 99% of the travel agents lacking their own digital assets...

2 May 2019


Qatar Airways strengthens ties with Amadeus to maximise revenue, improve customer experience

Last summer, the aviation industry set a new record, with over 200,000 aircraft taking to the skies every day. In a competitive marketplace, airlines are looking for the right technology that enables them to deliver memorable experiences for their customers...

26 Apr 2019


Toyota rolls out fuel cell buses in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation will begin to sell fuel cell buses under the Toyota brand from early 2017. Having already undergone repeated field tests...

28 Nov 2016


Sustainable biofuel for 2020 Olympics

TOKYO, JAPAN: For flights during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo when millions of people are expected to visit Japan, Boeing and Japanese aviation industry stakeholders have...

9 Jul 2015


Bad weather casts doubt on Solar Impulse 2 Pacific flight

Solar Impulse 2 was in a holding pattern near Japan on Monday, 1 June, as organisers warned that bad weather in the days ahead could block the aircraft's ambitious bid to cross the Pacific Ocean...

1 Jun 2015


Female millennials are the most confident and ambitious of any female generation

New PwC survey dispels myths about women and work...

5 Mar 2015


Asian firms challenge Apple with snazzy new smartphones

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Several big Asian phone companies launched new high-end smartphones and other wireless gizmos on Sunday, hoping to challenge US giant Apple in a big year for wireless gadgets...

3 Mar 2015


Sony sells US-based online game unit

TOKYO, JAPAN: Japan's Sony has sold its online gaming unit to a US investment firm, in a move that should free it to make titles for consoles other than PlayStation...

4 Feb 2015


Japan asks US publisher to change 'sex slave' textbook

TOKYO, JAPAN: Japan has asked a major US publisher to "correct" a school textbook that references WWII sex slaves, as Tokyo's bid to polish its history moves abroad...

16 Jan 2015

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